World's first Standards and Consumer Protection Laws

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II. Beyazid of the most important law for the transfer Bayezid, no doubt, Bursa, Istanbul and Edirne Kanunnâmeleridir İhtisab. This Kanunnameleri the world's most perfect and most extensive municipal law but not, at the same time protecting the world's first consumer rights law, the first nizâmnâmesi food, the first standards law, the environment and briefly nizâmnâmesi many centuries by a great law code.

This law, and Islamic law and Ottoman Örf pieces and knows very well prepared by Muhyiddin Mevlânâ Yaraluca. Preparation date of 1502 to 1507 on arasındadır.Biz, each 100 odd item found from these three Kanunnameleri only certain items, consumer rights in terms of supply is (Article of the Law on the numbers of articles and letters B, Bursa, Edirne and E Act I. Istanbul suggests):

"I-45. Food and beverage and clothing with the decision of the court and grains that are in the market and the market, as inspected gözedilüb owner of every profession. If you are found terâzûda and eksük bushel and arşunda, muhtesib (mayor) of the future right.
I-21. Etmekçiler, taken as a standard processing time you clean the narh bread, and raw to be missing. If the land is found to be raw, and, let ur time you base; eksük cone if ur board space and time you veyahud fines. And every two months etmekçinin hand, has at least a month to un. Ta ki, sudden shortness of bazara un gelmeyüb Muslims time you show. If we resist, they punished.

C-4. And bee bread to be very eyü action needs olıcak.

E-7. And the dish of pak pak bişüreler vaccine Aşcılar with water bişürdükleri yu in time you and the bench to be unbelievers. Bişürmeyeler and internal yağiyle object. And a reserve of meat on her narh the five alurlar will pare. Recipient to wear a pare of reserves over a time you set. Two to even give the plow. If ya get a akçelikden Artuk eksük alsalar, to give on this hisâb. Cemi 'aşcıları ittifakiyle visitorial olundı of Edirne.

I-38. And look bushel and arşun and bandbox; eksüği found to come from the right.

I-5. With closed closed blocks UN court decision muhtesib (mayor) in the eye görüb daim. Ta ki, olub flour and selling tricks and telbîs for damages to be kimesnelere.

B-74. And the porter at the na'lsuz two load rather than employment etmeyüb and to take the burden of mountains.

E-58. And the little feet time you bârgiri business. And horses and mules and donkeys in the eye and feet according to the saddle. And urmayalar heavy load; dilsüz they are monsters. Each kangısında eksük is found, sâhibine complete etdüre. Such as no right to match future needs. And hammâllar heavy load urmayalar, on ma'kul to [1].

I-40. Put water and vinegar and yoghurt. Water joined olub is found, will display the time you veyahud ur board cone, visit.

I-29. Jewelers, a simple job asper bandbox; minekârî two işde bandbox three asper asper and miskâline altun is simple; müşebbek and silver buttons işde miskâline big five reserve and waste time you handle it very pure eyü, copper processing time you koyub. Operate from muhtesib (mayor) of the future as required rights.

I-33. And even painters are in the eye, heart time you paint, paint the future of their rights as required.

I-42. Of the yarn spinning tire to be together and to İplikçi. And primers that would work in the city, eight arşun to be, to be eksük. If you come to the right.

I-46. Hammâmcılar, are eye hâmmâmları, wool to be, with different and sovuk water and Cala ârâste and as dellâkleri cest. As a sharp razor. Þöyle that, under the razor to capture and dominate the Fota kimesne pains in the pak mulberry; Muslims to give to unbelievers verdüği to Fota.

I-66. And even hekîmlere and attârlara and cerrâhlara, muhtesib (mayor) in artificial has, she sees needs and oversee.

I-24. Convenience stores and attârlar and bezzâzlar and takyeciler, it's time you sat on it, sell ziyâdeye. Ziyâdeye they sell, muhtesib (mayor) will dutub te'dîb. Jeez, even a court order to this bâbda and gayride.

E-194. Berber is observed; disbelievers with Muslim head shaving razor etdükleri head shave. Deleting the time you delete yüzin Muslims with Fota yüzin unbelievers. Keskün as the razor.

E-195. Is even Tabibler eyes; bîmârhâne (hospital) show tabiblerine time you, will test the men `Shall the kimesneleri not accept. Is even Cerrâhlar eyes, I think that `at the time you Kamil.

E-196. Millers is observed; mills time you in the chicken feed that the public and wheat flour to destroy. And each time you receive Artuk of wheat and coarse grinding and kesmüklü change the future of and necessarily muhkem and müntehî rights.

E-198. Taif beggars walk, and a mosque.

I-70. And each will inspect the cadi, and even from month to month depending san'atı and at risk. To sell each kangısı who ta'yin olunan narhdan eksük, muhtesib (mayor) of the right will display gelüb.

I-73. Fil-sentence in this Zikri from her informal Te'âlâ ü Allah create them all the muhtesib (mayor), she needs görüb observance, are artificial.
Þöyle time you know, whoever inâd opposition and if itâba and is worthy ikâba "[2]

[1] Animal rights 20th Considering the beginning of the century is being defended, the crop of this article is a very advanced understanding of a law is better understood.

[2] Akgündüz, Ottoman Kanunnâmeleri, c. II, sh. 188-230, 286-304, 387-402

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