Welcome to CreditBoards


Welcome to CreditBoards

Credit has become more and more crucial to functioning in today's world. It affects so many aspects of your life - whether or not you get that dream job, how much interest you pay on your credit cards or loans, whether or not people think you're "deserving"of the good things in life. Until recently, how credit and credit scoring works has been shrouded in mystery, putting the consumer - you - at a distinct disadvantage. Now, more than ever, consumer pressure is forcing the subject into the light and removing the shrouds. Come join us in turning on the lights! Join the millions of consumers who have decided enough is enough, and have taken control of their credit!

At Creditboards.com, there is something for everyone - from the experts with excellent credit who've never had "baddies" on their credit reports and who know the best techniques for getting the best cards, loans, and mortgages on your terms, not the creditor's, to those who are in trouble and need support and advice, and everyone in between. Here you will find the insider's truth, not the industry spin that the credit reporting agencies, creditors, and collection agencies would have you believe!

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