Turkish Cuisine and house dishes

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Chinese, Italian, French and Mexican cuisine with world famous cuisine is one of the known 5.

This site has been divided into Turkish food. Here, according to Turkish and Turkish women taste the food you will find every day.

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Ynt: Turkish Cuisine and house dishes



are received and thoroughly wash the little Cengelkoy Salatalık. Opened with a small needle hole on the quilt (easily into the population to water)

To a wide mouth glass jar, put in the vine leaf and garlic in the hive. Over a plate of cucumber to suppress the reverse placement.

1 liter water 50 grams salt (3 tablespoon full) account with enough water to prepare. This water layer half of the grape vinegar.

The glass jar of cucumber that have stacked up with water, fill the air kalmyacak. Close the mouth.

If the warm salt water, will be exhausted more quickly.

Small and fresh cucumber 2 Kg
10 teeth Garlic
Suspended until 10 Leaf
Enough water
Half of the water of Grape Vinegar
Hot air will be exhausted within 2 weeks to beat. After that should be always a cool place.
To understand whether or not to pickle green is the color back to yellow, muddy water that taste has changed, and is cut out to be the same color each location.

Enjoy your meal ......


Ynt: Turkish Cuisine and house dishes


Fresh fish to keep

Have received, but do not want to cook the fish immediately. To keep from stale, extract and salt in a way you will not get air to the aluminum foil wrap, and must wait in the freezer.

Fried calamari, the

Love at home refreshed seafood fried calamari before the sinking of milk. In this way, is velvety. Moreover, even more delicious calamari a little sugar scrub make sure you have.

Lettuce in the SAND

Is indispensable for lettuce salad vegetables. But to clear the sand to remove and take considerable time. If using lettuce without water for half an hour before you invest, the sand is separated. Thus, one can not deal with all the leaves.

Deli Products

Especially loved the breakfast table the eaten salami, sausage, deli products such as dry sausage, and to avoid deterioration of the external membrane to soy. Every time you eat much of the membrane strip. Keep track remaining in the wax paper.

Enjoy your meal ...... :)


Ynt: Turkish Cuisine and house dishes

Gummy drops tenderfoot


-1 Liter milk
-1 Cup flour
-1 Cup sugar
-2 Pieces of gum drops


All material is mixed in a pot is cooking.
Services were transferred to pots and sprinkle coconut on the cool, the service can put a cherry ...

Note: * If you stir up even more delicious mikserle tenderfoot when it is cooked.

* If desired, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, or you can decorate with fruit.

"Enjoy it ..''


Ynt: Turkish Cuisine and house dishes

Semiz grassy potatoes salad


1 chicken breast
1 bunch purslane
200 gr peppery olive
200 gr kornişon pickles
5 potatoes
200 g corn

3 tablespoon yogurt
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon mint

Boiled potatoes and chicken cubes and cut the cubes. Pickles and olives dograyın thin, purslane is to break into small parts. Mix all ingredients.
SOS materials and services, it is used to scramble mikserle pour over salad.
Bon appetit