Tinea Pedis

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I. Definition:

Tinea pedis or athlete's foot is a skin infection caused by a kind of mold called a fungus. The fungus causing tinea pedis prefers moist, warm skin; this is why tinea pedis favors the folds between the toes and is often worse in hot weather. In some people tinea pedis can get so bad that blisters form. Not all foot rashes are tinea pedis, only those caused by fungus growing on the skin.

II. Causes:

* Tinea pedis is caused by a fungus that is only mildly contagious. Everyone is exposed to the fungus which causes tinea pedis; why only some people get it is unknown.
* Tinea pedis may stay in the skin indefinitely. Even if the rash seems to have been cured, microscopic examination may reveal the fungus to be present. While medicines will clear up the rash, the fungus may merely be "lying low" and may cause the same rash again.

III. Treatment:

* Tinea pedis is usually well controlled by application of antifungal liquids, creams, or ointments. Lotrimin cream is an antifungal agent that can be bought without a prescription at your local drugstore.
* Severe cases of tinea pedis may benefit from Heal Athlete's Foot, a potent natural solution, or require griseofulvin, an antifungal medication taken by mouth.
* Sometimes infection with bacteria complicates tinea pedis and antibiotics are needed to kill the germs.
* If you have a tendency to develop tinea pedis, you should wear socks which are at least 60% cotton.
* You should change your shoes everyday. Alternate 2-3 pairs of shoes, so the shoes will dry out completely before you use them again.
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