Tinea Cruris

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I. Definition:

"Jock itch" refers to any itching groin rash of men. There are many causes of jock itch; when it is caused by a fungus, the rash is known as tinea cruris. The fungus causing tinea cruris prefers moist, warm skin; this is why tinea cruris favors the groin area and is often worse in hot weather. Not all groin rashes are tinea cruris, only those caused by fungus growing on the skin.

II. Causes:

* Tinea cruris is caused by a fungus.
* Tinea cruris is not contagious; direct person to person contact rarely leads to spreading of tinea cruris.

III. Treatment:

* Tinea cruris usually clears up quickly when antifungal medicines such as Jock Itch No More are applied twice daily to the skin. If it doesn't, you may need two to three weeks of treatment with the antifungal antibiotic, griseofulvin, taken by mouth.
* Tinea cruris is only one cause of groin itching. If your rash does not improve, please return for further evaluation.
* You can help prevent recurrences by drying thoroughly after bathing, wearing loose cotton underwear, and dusting a bland powder such as baby powder on your groin once or twice daily.
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