SKIN Laser Hair Removal Program


SKIN Laser Hair Removal Program
SKIN MediSpa offers the latest and most effective technology and treatments to remove unwanted hair growth safely and permanently. Our Medical Aesthetic Consultant, Dr. Scott Barr, brings more than ten years of experience working with laser technologies and its many applications to aesthetics. With the largest selection of cutting edge laser, light and radio frequency technologies available anywhere north of Toronto, SKIN's experience and expertise offers hair removal treatment programs that can be trusted to be effective and dependable. The most commonly treated areas are the legs, underarms, back, face, upper lip, neck, chest, periareolar, bikini line and stomach, however, most areas can be treated for hair removal. The best candidates are light skinned with dark hair, however, SKIN offers hair removal for both light and dark skinned patients.

STEP 1: SKIN Assessment
A SKIN specialist will review previous and current skin care, perform a detailed skin analysis, and discuss general health history before recommending a customized treatment program.

STEP 2: Customized Treatment Program
Depending on your skin type and colour, along with your hair colour, various technologies may be recommended:

SKIN Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light, and Radio Frequency Technologies offer the largest range of options available and the latest technological advances in laser hair removal that are effective, reliable and safe. We offer multiple technologies to treat clients with all skin types. Our technologies incorporate energies that are selectively absorbed by the pigment in hair follicles, causing their deactivation. This results in overall hair reduction of the treated area. Patients can return to regular activities immediately after treatments and a minimum of 5 treatments is required to maximize results. Learn more...
STEP 3: SKIN Expected Improvement
Results of laser hair removal treatments depend on many factors such as colour of the hair, exposure to the sun, energy level that can be safely used, and coarseness of the hair. After each treatment, most patients experience up to 30% reduction in hair growth of the follicles that were in the anagen phase after each treatment session. Permanent reduction of up to 90% can be achieved. The hairs which grow back are usually much lighter in colour and finer in thickness. Most patients notice that the maximum number of hairs which are permanently destroyed occurs after the 4th or 5th treatment, however some clients will require more.

As individual programs will vary from client to client, the associated cost will vary as well. However, a quote will be provided during the initial assessment process.

See our price list for individual treatment costs.

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