Question and beyond Voice: BODY LANGUAGE

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One person is more efficient than words when communicating with the movement? 7-10 percent of people communicate, have established one of the words, 30-38 percent of the tone of the impact of body language is effective in 55 per cent - can be up to 60 Did you know?

Why is body language?
1. By creating a positive impact on others to reach our goal.
2. Against an effective communication to better understand.
3. By checking the body of its own motion, to adapt more quickly to the social environment.
4. Really wanted to tell others how to understand.

Sometimes an action is worth a thousand words. Communicate with a person as important as what we say when we leave that person with a movement that is just as important as the impression. Hand, arm movements, mimik the touch, body position ... Business people who want to be successful in life, say communication is not only the person, face, hands, arms and body should be done with that also.

Communication is important in the first minutes of
Between the two men faced the first minutes, a significant set communication process. The most important factor in creating this effect, the person's face DİLİ'dir BODIES. These factors, and the words used to carry all the accessories that can extend up to objects in the environment. May be positive or negative decision, "I did not like the stance," I did not like the look "....

Really wanted to tell others what their body language before you learn to understand
Communication is not only the exchange of information
Knowledge of the way that the body of the statement (a smiling face) communication is an important point of the second assessment.

Contact information and to grasp, is not to understand. The main aim is to grasp the understanding of communication. What if you want people to understand but can not understand what living.

Review the combined impact of a message, people have established contact one of the words in the 7-10%, 30-38% 55-60% in tone and body language has emerged to be effective.

Body language, while watching a silent film or television off the sound of a message as we see when we can. Body language is just as important as the words used in communication. Most of the time behavior and gestures form the basis of communication. Actual content and meaning of the saying we put it on. These thoughts and feelings that support them are concrete action makes.

+ Chat correction during the hair, shake head, arms, such as closures and movement of signs, convey a message that we have the programming or to give this message for you that will prepare.

+ The various expressions of our face, our enthusiasm, our joy, we recoil, we are ashamed, we are disgusted, put out of anger or fear us.

+ El jamming our way, standing or sitting position to many of the body movements, the current mental status, which sets out goals and requests are indicators.

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