Plane skids off Bangkok runway


Plane skids off Bangkok runway

Thai Airways says a landing gear malfunction caused its Airbus A330-300 to skid off the runway after landing in Bangkok.

Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 skids off runway after landing in Bangkok
Airline says 13 injured during evacuation; no fatalities
Flight originated in Guangzhou, China
Incident is second in two weeks for airline, after turbulence caused injuries in Hong Kong on August 30

(CNN) -- A Thai Airways International flight arriving at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport late Sunday night skidded off the runway as it touched down.
Thirteen passengers were injured while evacuating the aircraft. There were no fatalities.
According to an airline statement, Thai Airways flight 679, operated with an Airbus A330-300 aircraft, departed Guangzhou, China, at 9:25 p.m. and arrived in Bangkok at 11:20 p.m.
After touching down, a landing gear malfunction caused the aircraft to skid off the runway, according to the airline.
Sparks were seen in the vicinity of the right-side landing gear, near the engine.
The airline says the pilot remained in control of the airplane until it came to a stop and its 14 cabin crew led the evacuation of all 288 passengers.

The flight's 14 crew members led the evacuation of all 288 passengers.

No passengers were reported injured during the actual landing.
"Thirteen passengers received minor injuries during the evacuation," the airline said.
Injured passengers were transported to a local hospital.
"THAI will conduct an investigation as to the cause of the incident," the airline's parent company said in an official statement.
Airport officials are still working to clear the runway and expect flight delays on Monday.
The incident is the second in two weeks for Thai Airways. At least 39 passengers were injured after an Airbus A380 with 500 passengers from Bangkok hit severe turbulence during its approach into Hong Kong International Airport on August 30.
Thai Airways International has established a hotline for information about the accident in Bangkok. The number inside Thailand is 02 545 3181. From outside the country, the number is +66 2 545 3181.

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Source: Plane skids off Bangkok runway

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