Pig Influenza Virus / Testimonial in México


Pig Influenza Virus / Testimonial in México

A Worker of a Health Institute Speaks About Medical Negligence
April 13, Oaxaca. A woman died because of the pig influenza. That was the first case registered in México, according to Dr. José Angel Córdoba Villalobos, the actual Secretary of Health. Now the pig influenza is affecting most in Mexico City.

The secretary said this Saturday, that 20 out of 81 deaths for lung infections in the country had been confirmed as cases of pig influenza. About 1,324 people suspected with influenza are under study right now. Other states with people sick of flu,
although not confirmed for influenza, are San Luis Potosí (62 cases and 4 people died for pneumonia) Veracruz and Estado de México.

Recommendations to avoid influenza

In order to prevent the transmission of influenza, the Secretary of health in México indicated to:
1. Avoid crowded places
2. Avoid close spaces
3. Avoid salutations with the hand and kisses
4. Wear tissues to cover mouth and nose
5. Go to the doctor at the minimal sign of flu
6. Enhance your immunologic system
7. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently
8. Sneeze in the arm, under the elbow, instead of doing it in the hand
9. Try to stay at home.
10. Never self-medicate
11. Eat fruit and do not drink alcohol nor smoke
12. Avoid sick people

Supposedly there was negligence in a case of pig influenza. Absolutely not confirmed or investigated.

According to the testimonial of a woman who said to work in the National Institute of Breathing Disease (Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias, INER in Spanish) they received a patient infected with the pig virus of influenza on march 2009. The man, who was coming from Tabasco, didn't survive, neither the 16 patients he transmitted the virus to, including a baby. The anonymous worker said it was a medical negligence.

Her voice was distorted in the radio (Radio Trece 1260 AM) during the news program of Jorge Santa Cruz, on April 24. For obvious reasons she preferred not to be identified. It is likely to figure out that such a serious declaration may affect her work, and the interests of some important persons in the institution.

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