Peru plans cliff-edge hotel


Peru plans cliff-edge hotel

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The latest design by Spanish architecture firm OOIIO resembles a massive photo frame.

The unusual shape will allow a more open views of the Pacific Ocean, the company says.

The tilted angle of the design will almost be unnoticeable inside, except within the spectacular main hall.

The hotel will also serve as a congress center, with multiple restaurants and an exhibition space.

Fearing their unnamed investor wouldn't approve such a bold design, OOIIO had another option ready just in case. They never had to show it.

The design is still in the development phrase, with nothing yet approved.

Spanish design firm OOIIO has an imaginative design for its upcoming hotel project in Peru
Called "Unbalance Hotel," the design resembles a tilted photo frame by the cliff
The design will avoid blocking sea views and aims to become a landmark for Lima

(CNN) -- While some architects compete over height, others compete with shape.
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Source: Peru plans cliff-edge hotel

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