Perioral Dermatitis

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I. Definition:
Perioral dermatitis is a rash composed of tiny red bumps that are primarily around the mouth, but can also be seen around the nose and on other areas of the face.

II. Causes:

Perioral dermatitis is a disease that occurs mostly in young and middle-aged women.
Perioral dermatitis can be caused by prolonged therapy with topical corticosteroids (hydrocortisones).
The contraceptive pill, cosmetic usage and emotional stress can worsen perioral dermatitis.
Toothpaste containing lauryl sulfate may cause perioral dermatitis.
The affected area is often worsened by sunlight and almost always by wind, heat, chlorinated pool water and even by washing with hot water.
If you have this condition, premenstrual flare ups are common.

III. Treatment:

The first step in treating perioral dermatitis is to discontinue all topical corticosteroids.
Toothpaste without lauryl sulfate can be purchased from Squigle, Inc. toll free at 877-718-0718.
Oral tetracyclines four times a day for about three weeks is a successful source of treatment. Minocin and doxycycline are also effective treatments.
There is no medicine that you can apply directly to the skin which will help perioral dermatitis.

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