No Court Case against Hrant Dink’s Lawyer


No Court Case against Hrant Dink’s LawyerAn Istanbul court dropped the case against Hrant Dink’s lawyer Erdal Dogan for writing that nationalist lawyer Fuat Turgut should be tried for threatening Hrant Dink.

Erol ÖNDEROGLU İstanbul - Bıa news centre06 Şubat 2008, Çarşamba After lawyer Hrant Dink’s lawyer Erdal Dogan wrote an article entitled “The big brothers use the law very well” in the Aksam newspaper on 9 April 2007, lawyer Fuat Turgut filed a criminal complaint against him.

Turgut notorious for suing for compensation

Fuat Turgut, who was taken into custody and later released in the ultra-nationalist Ergenekon gang investigation, is the defense lawyer for one of the murder suspects in the Hrant Dink murder.

In the article in question, Dogan had accused Turgut of threatening Hrant Dink before his murder. He had written, “When a person who should be prosecuted for targeting Dink, for threatening him and for obstructing a fair trial, then turns up as the lawyer for one of the murder suspects, this is where the law has nothing else to say.”

Turgut had taken the case to court, demanding 5,000 YTL compensation. However, the Sariyer 2nd Civil Court of Peace decided yesterday (5 February) that there was no crime committed.

The Izmir Bar Association started an investigation into Turgut after he shouted at the murdered journalist’s family “How many Armenians there are!” on the first day of the murder case trial on 2 July. However, there has been no result. Turgut has also gained notoriety for suing Radikal journalist Perihan Magden and Birgün journalist Ahmet Tulgar , demanding a total of 20,000 YTL compensation.

Dogan also sued by Ergenekon suspect Kücük
Dogan has also been sued by Veli Kücük, the retired general who was arrested in the Ergenekon gang operation recently and is now in prison.

Dogan had said, “Hrant Dink became worried when Veli Kücük wanted to join the court case against him as a co-plaintiff. Kücük is not an ordinary person.” Kücük has demanded 10,000 YTL compensation. The case will continue at the Beyoglu 1st Civil Court of First Instance on 4 March. (EÖ/AG)

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