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I recently bought this purse despite other reviews regarding the smell, yes there was a slight plasticky-neoprene smell, but I opened the zipper and left it hanging for a few days and honestly the smell is gone. The purse is nice and soft,perfect color though a little bigger than I expected, but it will hold all my things plus my kindle and probably whatever else I want to cram into it on an upcoming vacation. The one thing I didn't like was the handles, much too small and cheap. I took the bag to a shoe repair in town and he made me a couple of longer michaelkorsoutletbags2012.com and now the bag is perfect. It did add to the overall cost of the bag, but it was pretty inexpensive to begin with and I like it that much. From the long list of purses and handbags I had on my wishlist, my boyfriend chose and bought me this one, since he liked it so much, as a reward for finding his lost Tablet. I had specified "gray", he double checked as well that is was "gray" and two days later (today) I received a tan/beige colored one! The real kick is that the plastic it was wrapped in stated "gray"! I'm not sure how that could possibly be, but that's okay. I love this michael kors totes, regardless of the color (I need to use browns more anyway). The smell is a little potent, but to me is not a bad smell (smells like a bird farm). The title DOES have the word "Ostrich" in it for a reason!I took a chance and ordered this bag as a surprise for my wife. Whew, was I relieved when it arrived and she loved it! She started carrying it right away. She has had many great comments on michael kors. Her sister loved it so much that I had to order her one, also. Even though I did good on picking this bag out, I think I will stop while I am ahead. The only problem I can see with this item is the two carrying straps were different colors (it came with a short one and a long one). The long one matches the bag much better than the short one. I would still highly recommend this item.

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