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"The verses are presented here in the order which they would be found within Books I and II, which hold roughly a third of the 25632 lines of the whole six books of Mathnawi.

As when walks along the shore of the ocean, one finds treasures inthe sand, so here, too, one may look down and discover a presious piece to hold close for awhile. In making this selection, I attempted to choose short sections that would stand alone and elucidate our lives."
Camille Adams Helminski
Putney, Vermont
"A Daybook of Spiritual Guidance"
365 Selections from Rumi's Mathnawi
Translated by Camille and Kabir Helminski

The beloved is all, the lover just a veil.
The beloved is living, the lover a dead thing.
If Love withholds its strengthening care,
The lover is left like a bird without wings.
How will I be awake and aware
if the light of the Beloved is absent?
Love wills that this Word be brought forth.
If you find the mirror of the heart dull,
the rust has not been cleared from its face.
[ I, 34 ]

Let's ask God to help us to self-control:
for one who lacks it, lacks His Grace.
[ I, 78 ]

The undisciplined man doesn't wrong himself alone-
he sets fire to the whole world.
Discipline enabled Heaven to be filled with light;
discipline enabled the angels to be immaculate and holy.
[ I, 79;91 ]

Suspicion and greed at the table of Majesty are ingratitude.
[ I, 86 ]

The lover's ailment is not like any other;
Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries.
Whether Love is from heaven or earth,
it points to God.
[ I, 110-111 ]

My friend, the sufi is the son of the present moment:
to say "tomorrow" is not our way.
[ I, 134 ]

A thorn in the foot is hard to find.
What about a thorn in the heart?
If everyone saw the thorn in his heart,
when would sorrow gain the upper hand?
[ I, 152-3 ]

When your heart becomes the grave of your secret,
that desire of yours will be gained more quickly.
The Prophet said that anyone
who keeps secret his inmost thought
will soon attain the object of his desire.
When seeds are buried in the earth,
their inward secrets become the flourishing garden.
[ I, 175-7 ]

There are true promises that make the heart grateful;
there are false promises, fraught with disquiet.
The promise of the noble is sterling;
the promise of the unworthy breeds anguish of the soul.
[ I, 180-1 ]

The peacock's plumage is his enemy.
Many a king has been slain by his magnificence.
[ I, 208 ]

The world is the mountain,
and each action, the shout that echoes back.
[ I, 215 ]

Love of the dead does not last,
because the dead will not return.
But love of the living
is in every moment fresher than a bud,
both the inward and the outward eye.
Choose the love of that Living One
who is everlasting, who offers you
the wine that increases life.
Do not say "We have no entrance to that King."
Dealings with the generous are not difficult.
[ I, 217-9; 221 ]

This discipline and rough treatment are a furnace
to extract the silver from the dross.
This testing purifies the gold
by boiling the scum away.
[ I, 232-3 ]

The spiritual path wrecks the body
and afterwards restores it to health.
It destroys the house to unearth the treasure,
and with that measure builds it better than before.
[ I, 306-7 ]

Anger and lust make a man squint;
they could the spirit so it strays from truth.
When self-interest appears, virtue hides:
a hundred veils rise between the heart and the eye.
[ I, 333-4 ]

Hear one of the sayings related from the Prophet:
"No prayer is complete without Presence."
[ I, 381 ]

Though there be a thousand snares at our feet,
when You are with us there is no difficulty.
[ I, 387 ]

The more awake one is to the material world,
the more one is asleep to spirit.
When our soul is asleep to God,
other wakefulness closes the door of Divine grace.
[ I, 409-410 ]

On the way there is no harder pass than this:
fortunate is he who dos not carry envy as a companion.
[ I, 431 ]

The soil is faithful to its trust;
whatever you have sown in it, you reap the same.
But until springtime brings the touch of God,
the soil does not reveal its secrets.
[ I, 509;511 ]

When He Himself is the light of your eye,
a hundred worlds like ours appear.
If this one looks bottomless and vast,
remember: to Omnipotence it is less than an atom.
[I, 523;6 ]

How long wil you say, "I will conquer the whole world
and fill with myself"?
Even if the snow covered the world completely,
the sun could melt it with a glance.
A single spark of God's mercy
can turn poison into springwater.
Where there is doubt,
He establishes certainty.
[ I, 542-6 ]




First of all I would like to thank you for one of the best books, Mathnewi (Mesnevi Mevlana)
Mevlana is known by internation academic area about his spiritualy stractured global peace.
We need this global peace then ever before.
Thank you very much mevhime for this clearly understandable and wonderful article.

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I want to thank you so much isoz hodja :D

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If ten lamps are in one place,
each differs in form from another;
yet you can't distinguish whose radiance is whose
when you focus on the light.
In the field of spirit there is no division;
no individuals exist.
Sweet is the oneness of the Friend with His friends.
Catch hold of spirit.
Help this headstrong self disintegrate;
that beneath it you may discover unity,
like a burried treasure.
[ I, 678-83 ]

Don't take a wooden sword into battle.
Go, find one of steel;
then march forward with joy.
The sword of reality is the saint's protection:
your time with him
is worth as much as the cup of life itself.
All the wise have said the same:
the one who knows Gid
is God's mercy to His creatures.
[ I, 714-7 ]

Companionship with the holy, makes you one of them.
Though you're rock or marble, you'll become a jewel
when you reach the man of heart.
[ I, 721-2]

Plant the love of holy ones within your spirit;
don't give your heart to anything
but the love of those whose hearts are glad.
Don't go to the neighborhood of despair:
there is hope.
Don't go in the direction of darkness:
suns exist.
[ I, 723-24 ]

Feed your heart in conversation
with someone harmonious with it;
seek spiritual advancement from one who is advanced.
[ I, 726 ]

God has scattered His light over all souls;
happy are they who have helped up their skirts to receive it.
Those lucky ones don't look to anything but God;
without that skirt of love,
we miss our share.
[ I, 760-2 ]

The idol of your self is the mother of all idols.
The material idol is only a snake;
while this inner idol is a dragon.
It is easy to break an idol,
but to regard the self an easy to subdue is a mistake.
[ I, 772;778 ]

Sometimes, in order to help, He makes us muserable;
but heartache for His sake brings happiness.
Laughter will come after tears.
Whoever foresees this is a servant blessed by God.
Wherever water flows, life flourishes:
wherever tears fall, Divine mercy is shown.
[ I, 817-20 ]

Weep like the waterwheel,
that green herbs may spiring up
from the courtyard of your soul.
If you wish for tears,
have mercy on one who sheds tears;
if you wish mercy, show mercy to the weak.
[ I, 821-2 ]

mesgul2.jpg (2304 bytes)

When you feel pain, ask pardon of God;
this pain has its uses.
When He pleases, pain becomes joy;
bondage itself becomes freedom.
When you take a clear look,
you'll see that from God
are both the water of mercy and the fire of anger.
[ I, 836-7;852 ]

Water and clay, when fed on the breath of Jesus,
spread wings, became a bird and flew.
Your praise of God is a breath
from your body of water and clay.
Make it a bird of paradise
by breathing into it your heart's sincerity.
[ I, 866-7 ]

Pay attention to the significance of
"He who works is beloved of God."
Through trusting God
don't become neglectful of ways and means.
[ I, 914 ]

Since our vision is so limited, let's go!
Let our sight be dissolved in the seeing of the Friend.
Our sight for His-what an exchange!
[ I, 921-2 ]

The world is a prison and we are the prisoners:
dig a hole in the prison and let yourself out!
[ I, 982 ]

Water in the boat is the ruin of the boat,
but water under the boat is its support.
Since Solomon cast the desire for wealth out from his heart,
he didn't call himself by any name but &quotpoor".
The stoppered jar, though in rough water,
floated because of its empty heart.
When the wind pf poverty is in anyone,
she floats inpeace on the waters of this world.
[ I, 985-8 ]

Refresh your faith, but not with talking.
You have secretly refreshed your desires.
As long as desires are fresh, faith is not;
for it is these desires that lock that gate.
[ I, 1078-9 ]

The light which shines in the eye
is really the light of the heart.
The light which fills the heart
is the light of God, which is pure
and separate from the light of intellect and sense.
[ I, 1126-7 ]

God created pain and sorrow
that happiness might show itself by contrast.
For hidden things are made manifest
by means of their opposites:
since God has no opposite, He is hidden.
[ I, 1130-1 ]

Form came forth from formlessness
and returned there, for verily unto Him are we returning.
Every instant, we are dying and returning:
the Prophet declared that this world is but a moment.
Out thought is an arrow shot from Him into the air.
How shall it stay in the air?
It comes back to God.
[ I, 1141-3 ]

To speak the same language is kinship and affinity:
when you're with those in whom you can't confide,
you're like a prisoner in chains.
Many Indians and Turks speak the same tongue;
yet many pairs of Turks find they're foreigners.
The tongue of mutual understanding is quite special:
to be one of heart is better than to have a common tongue.
[ I, 1205-7 ]

With us, the name of everything
is its outward appearance;
with the Creator,
the name of each thing is its inward realty.
In the eye of Moses, the name of his rod was &quotstaff"
in the eye of the Creator, its name was &quotdragon".
In brief, that which we are in the end
is our real name with God.
[ I, 1239-40;1244 ]

Though Destiny a hundreds times waylays you,
in the end it pitches a tent for you in heaven.
It is God's kindness to terrify you
in order to lead you to safety.
[ I, 1260-1 ]

If you dig a pit for the others to fall into,
you will fall into it yourself.
Don't waeve yourself a silkworm's cocoon
and don't dig that pit so deep.
Don't think the weak have no protector
and say the words of the Qur'an,
When the help of God shall come.
[ I, 1311-3 ]

Many of the faults you see in others, dear reader,
are your own nature reflected in them.
As the Prophet said,
&quotThe faithful are mirrors to one another."
[ I, 1319; 1328 ]

With will, fore becomes sweet water;
and without will, even water becomes fire.
[ I, 1336 ]

The inner search is from You.
The blind are cured by Your gift.
Without our searching, You gave us this search.
[ I, 1337-8 ]

The lion who breaks the enemy's ranks
is a minor hero
compared to the lion who overcomes himself.
[ I, 1389 ]

Fear Not is the hospitality offered to those who fear.
[ I, 1429 ]

O son, only those whose spiritual eye has been opened
know how compulsive we are.
[ I, 1466 ]

Whoever gives reverence receives reverence:
whoever brings sugar eats almond cake.
Who are the good women for? The good men.
Honor your friend;
or see what happens if you don't.
[ I, 1494-5 ]

The intellectual quest,
Though fine as pearl or coral,
is not the spiritual search
That spiritual search is on another level.
Spiritual wine is a different substance.
[ I, 1501-2 ]

We owe thankfulness to God,
not sour faces.
[ I, 1525 ]

Each moment contains
a hundred messages from God:
To every cry of &quotoh Lord,"
He answers a hundred times, &quotI am here."
[ I, 1578 ]

The intelligent desire self-control;
children want candy.
[ I, 1601-2 ]

Since in order to speak, one must first listen,
learn to speak by listening.
[ I, 1627 ]

When, with just a taste,
envy and deceit arise,
and ignorance and forgetfulness are born,
know you have tasted the unlawful.
[ I, 1645 ]

That taste is the seed, and thoughts are its fruits:
that taste is the sea, and thoughts are its pearls.
Eating lawful food gives birth to
the inclination to serve God
and the resolve to go to His world.
[ I, 1647-8]

Know that a word suddenly shot from the tongue
is like an arrow shot from the bow.
Son, that arrow won't turn back on its way;
you must damn a torrent at the source.
[ I, 1658-9 ]

O tongue, you are an endless treasure.
O tongue, you are also an endless disease.
[ I, 1702 ]

I am burning.
If any one lacks tinder,
let him set his rubbish ablaze with my fire.
[ I, 1721 ]

Dam the torrent of ectasy when it runs in flood,
so that it won't bring shame and ruin.
But why should I fear ruin.
Under the ruin waits a royal treasure.
He that is drowned in God wishes to be more drowned.
While his spirit is tossed up and down
by the waves of the sea,
he asks, "Is the bottom of the sea moe delightful, or the top?
Is the Beloved's arrow more fascinating, or the shield?"
O heart, if you recognize any difference
between joy and sorrow,
these lies will tear you apart.
Although your desire tastes sweet,
doesn't the Beloved desire you
to be desireless?
The life of lovers is in death:
you will not win the Beloved's heart
unless you lose your own.
[ I, 1743-9;51]

Do right, You who are the glory of the just.
You, Soul, who are liberated from "we" and "I",
subtle spirit in man and woman.
When man and woman become one, that one is You,
and when that one is obliterated, there You are.
Where is this "we" and this "I"? By the side of the Beloved You made this "we" and "I"
in order to play this game of service with Yourself-
that You and I might become one soul
and in the end drown in the Beloved.
[ I,1783-4 ]

Can the heart possessed by laughter or grief,
< all?
Such a heart has only these borrowed things to live with.
The garden of Love is green without limit
and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy.
Love is beyond either condition:
without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.
[ I, 1792-4 ]

We are bees, and our bodies are the honeycomb:
we have made the body, cell by cell, like beeswax.
[ I, 1813 ]

Whatever the soul in man and woman strives to do,
the ear and the eye of the soul's King are at the window.
[ I, 1824 ]

The world's flattery and hypocrisy is a sweet morsel:
eat less of it, for it is full of fire.
Its fire is hidden while its taste is manifest,
but its smoke becomes visible in the end.
[ I, 1855-6 ]

As fas as you can, be a slave, not a monarch.
Let yourself be struck. Be the ball and not the bat.
[ I, 1868 ]

How should Spring bring forth a garden on hard stone?
Become earth, you may grow flowers of many colors.
For you have been a heart-breaking rock.
Once, for the sake of experiment, be earth!
[ I, 1911-2 ]

Wherever I shine the lamplight of Divine breath,
there the difficulties of a whole world are resolved.
The darkness which the earthly sun did not remove,
becomes through My breath a bright morning.
[ I, 1941-2 ]

When a lamp has derived its light from a candle,
< candle.
Either behold the light of God
from the lamps of the saints,
or behold His light from the candle
of those who vave gone before.
[ I, 1947, 1950 ]

Spirit is beyond either feminine or masculine.
It is not sometimes like this and sometimes like that.
[ I, 1976 ]

The spiritual heor of Muhammed is seated in front of you,
but where indeed is "front"?
He is before you, but where is the soul
that thinks "before"?
If you fancy you have a "before" and "behind",
you are tied to body and deprived of spirit.
"Below" and "above", &quotbefore" and "behind",
are attributes of the body;
the essence of the bright spirit is.
[ I, 2006-8 ]




Forgetfulness of God, beloved,
is the support of this world;
spiritual intelligence its ruin.
For intelligence belongs to that other world,
and when it prevails, this material world is overthrown.
[ I, 2066-7 ]

If the spirtual universe and the way to it were shown,
no one for a single moment would remain.
[ I, 2101 ]

That voice which is the origin of every cry and sound:
that indeed is the only voice, and the rest are only echoes.
[ I, 2107 ]

Were there no men of vision,
all who are blind would be dead.
[ I, 2133 ]

God gave me a life, the value of every single day
He alone knows.
[ I, 2190 ]

O God, help me against this self of mine
that is seeking hrlp from You;
I seek justice from no one but from
this justice-seeking self.
I shall not get justice from any one except from
Him who is nearer to me than myself;
For this I-ness comes moment by moment from Him.
[ I, 2195-8 ]

You are engaged with going about,
but you are identified with your goings;
and when you come home,
you are identified with coming home.
You, whose knowledge
is without knowledge of the Giver of knowledge,
your repentence is worse than your sin.
[ I, 2204-5 ]

It suits the generaous man to give money,
but truly the generosity of th lover
is to surrender his soul.
If you give bread for God's sake,
you will be given bread in return;
if you give your life for God's sake,
you will be given life in return.
[ I, 2235-6 ]

Some persons, relying on th epromise of "tomorrow",
have wandered for years around that door,
but "tomorrow" never comes.
[ I, 2279 ]

Look at every animal from the gnat to the elephant:
they all are God's family
and dependent on Him for their nourishment.
All these griefs within our hearts
arise from thr smoke and dust
of our existence and vain desires.
[ I, 2295-6 ]

Whoever lives sweetly dies painfully:
whoever serves his body doesn't nourish his soul.
[ I, 2302 ]

God forbid! I desire nothing from created beings:
through contentment there is
a world within my heart.
[ I, 2362 ]

Try bieng poor for a day or two
and find in poverty double riches.
[ I, 2373 ]

When the listener has become thirsty and craving,
the preacher, even if he is as good as dead,
becomes eloquent.
When the hearer is fresh and without fatique,
the drunk and mute will find a hundred tongues to speak.
[ I, 2379-80 ]

Everything is made beautiful and fair and lovely
is made for the eye of one who sees.
[ I, 2383 ]

The love of women
is made attractive to men.
God has arranged it: how can they avoid
what God has arranged?
Inasmuch as God created woman
so that Adam might take comfort in her,
how can Adam be parted from Eve?
[I, 2425,6]

Woman is a ray of God
She is not that earthly beloved:
she is creative, not created.
[I, 2437]

Your thinking is like a camel driver,
and you are the camel:
it drives in every direction under its bitter control,
[I, 2497]

God connected Spirit with a body,
in order that the prophet or saint might become
a refuge for the whole world.
[I, 2521]

Love is drawing the bitter ones to the sweet,
because the foundation of all loves is righteousness.
[I, 2580]

If the saint drinks a poison it becomes an antidote,
but if the disciple drinks it,
his mind is darkened.
[I, 2602]

If love were only spiritual,
the practices of fasting and prayer would not exist.
The gifts of lovers to one another are,
in respect to love, nothing bu forms;
yet, they testify
to invisible love.
[I, 2625-7]

The prophet said that God said,
"I am not contained in the container of high and low,
But I am contained in the heart of My faithful servant.
How wonderful! If you seek Me, seek Me there."
[I, 2653-5]

Don't hide Your heart but reveal it,
so that mine might be revealed,
and I might accept what I am capable of.
[I, 2682]

Abundance is seeking the beggars and the poor,
just as beauty seeks a mirror.
Beggars, then, are the mirrors of God's bounty,
and that they are with God are united with
Absolute Abundance.
[I, 2745, 2750]

Whatever knowledge the master is known to have,
with it the souls of his pupils are imbued.
[I, 2829]