Lichen Simplex Chronicus


Lichen Simplex Chronicus

I. Definition:

Lichen simplex chronicus is a name given to a stubborn itchy rash that occurs in certain people with sensitive or irritable skin; it is also known as localized eczema.

II. Cause:

* The cause is unknown. It is the result of a localized defect of the skin. This defect causes the skin to itch which results in scratching and rubbing, which leads to the rash know as lichen simplex chronicus.
* Lichen simplex chronicus is not contagious and is not related to your general health.
* People with lichen simplex chronicus have skin that is dry and easily irritated by soap, detergents, and rough wool clothing. Hot and cold weather often aggravates lichen simplex chronicus.

III. Treatment

* Since lichen simplex chronicus patients have a constitutional skin defect, no permanent cure is possible. However, there are effective ways of controlling it such as ClearSkin-E Cream and similar natural treatments.
* Vaseline and cortisone compounds applied to the skin are the best medicines for controlling lichen simplex chronicus. Most cortisone ointments can be used safely for years. When large areas of the body are treated with strong cortisone preparations, periodic medical check-ups are necessary. Strong cortisones shouldn't be applied to the face, armpits, groin, or rectal area.
* When using cortisone creams or lotion always remember a little goes a long way and to massage it in well.
* Keep the skin lubricated. Use a bath oil or Aveeno powder in the tub. Do not take more than one bath or shower a day. Use lukewarm water, not hot. Hot water dries out the skin. When toweling dry don't rub. Blot the skin so there is still some water left on the skin. Then apply a moisturizer to all of the skin such as Vaseline, Lubriderm, or Moisturel.
* Soap irritates and dries the skin, so keep it away from your lichen simplex chronicus.
* Hot weather and heavy sweating tend to worsen lichen simplex chronicus. Wear cool, loose clothing, and try to stay in air conditioned buildings.
* Avoid contact with wool or rough clothing. Cotton clothes, (100%) are best.
* Avoid make-ups, perfumes, etc. that may cause itching or irritation.
* It is possible to find a treatment routine that lets you control your lichen simplex chronicus. Usually with cortisone creams or ointments and a lot of Vaseline.
* If your lichen simplex chronicus worsens and you can't control it, return to the office so we can adjust your medications, or inject the area with hydrocortisones.

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