Köse Mihal to create a Muslim

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Gazi Mihal Bey in History consists of Fasting Muslims are relevant to explain these events:

"Osman Gas abdest morning take time and make the prayer after, at the bin and Dilaver and heroes, emre and hero-gone with the output of the road. This by Rum sıraada a big cloud of dust appears. Dust from inside the horse appears a few people and came up. Içlerinden someone is elected occur in the middle of the stop and was shouting and olannca power said: "Do you ever have anyone named Osman you?" Gazi Osman Gazi and also showed.

Fact that people of the Byzantine governor of Konstantin's largest and Namli imiş guys. As Osman Gazi see at the indi. Osman was wrapped in Gazl'nin horse's feet. 'Es-selatü ve's-selamu aleyke or Resulullah' and then bring them out, and word-i Þehadet said:

"And Osman Gas! You in my dreams Your Prophet Muhammad Mustafa's (aleyhi's-hi) I saw. It came to me:" Ya Abdellah! "And the infusion islam religion who taught KeIime-i Þehadet'i. Fatiha and the sure-i ihlas 'I taught you. Then again:

"Ya Abdellah! Morning at the bin. Filan where there is a gas Spartan, his name is Osman. This is a person-shaped, it exists. Niyyet FI-sebilillah and gas to the gas. And I'm the booze flowing in the ground," he said.

My name was Mihal. Muhammed Mustafa Abdullah salavatullahi against my name and put selamuhü. "You have to gas, even with Osman. You, even generations, and the worlds of zürriyet reel," he said. "Generation and size of gas and Shall, Ta Üngürüs [1] in the EEA of the door until the islam religion, Islam will evident in the starboard" said.

Gazi Mihal the "And I woke up from my dream. Face was shining my light in my eyes." he said.

They came and in front of Osman Gazi and Muslims became the word-i Þehadet. Now who is at the present time Mihaloğulları their generation and the fact that the gas generation from Mihal. Vak'ayı saw all these big guys. About 'It was a very, very halleluiah. Osman Gazi's law at time was even Þeyh Edebalı saints. Saw this great state sentence. Muhkem and was even rather Itikadları. El-hamdülillah well, and they reached the last dem say about this. "

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