If I had as mother ..

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During the 80's up to my pregnancy weight and my own record in a field across the first time in my break. Blood might be done to break the egg on the mouth and the taste of boiled danadili also might be followed by chocolate pudding mix, such as forcing the boundaries of creativity and discover the recipe never. To get water in my hand when I open the refrigerator control to control the refrigerator or up to put out from home in my bag at the radio telephone to eçmeyecektim myself. Somebody can feel the burning pain in the other that can only think you are going to be the twin brother lerde. The blind eye is turned off in the morning, go to the kitchen and heated milk, and ability to turn off the eye win. To remove the core of the individual grapes a superhuman effort t gonna never entered. A man so happy to me to remove the gas. Growth in the party with your friends to have fun as Super Mom imagine. Maybe less, but love your dad's son called to fight in another dimension. Such as any flavor of love unrequited. Dream of establishing unhurried sex. I like my mom so much t gonna understand. Would have forced his mother and take 'Dumbo Flying Elephant! "Cartoon by the bell t gonna cry. To sleep at night without interruption, like weekend mornings, but the time was going to get up in the tiny hands were placed in my cheek when I wake up temperature would warm my heart.

Continuous biscuit in my bag, baby wipes, a toy, the blood will fall as a band-aid month t gonna move. Who believes in the power of t gonna kiss the pain. 38.5 degrees and scorching fire would burn me. Jump in the puddle after the rain will not have to enjoy, you eat a bit more in my head napkin in the middle of the crowd as dance forget the complexity of life and if yapmayacaktım.Sen t learned to live simple again. T you if I ever 'mother' t gonna be. Time a child is born, a mother born ... T gonna believe in the accuracy of this laf! --

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