Humor in the Ottoman

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Until I received a town in the world I'm having the difficulty of

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Han, a city of around one day when a well-known poet, a very ragged appearance with the saw. Each poet of poets, this poem to the beloved town and cities in the purse section is reminiscent of the Sultan forgive poet says:
"Eeee, master poet, lover of Buhara'yı with me enough to give the Samarkand rakishness Shall this is the end. I received a town of the world until I'm having difficulty. You each verse of the five are on the same expenditure-"

Surely, this under fire for bin

Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Halkali in a storm near the game is been wet from rain. They had sought refuge in a house. Sultan, said the fire was across the pass:
"Surely, this under fire for bin."
After a while they stay home while leaving the host to the monarch will ask is how much debt.
The villagers will respond as follows:
"A thousand gold, sir."
This very surprised to answer the sultan, so why would not you want more fees. The villagers will now respond as follows.
"Our Lord, to fire thousands of gold for you've said. Gold also hosts a fee."

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