How to create a software web layout


Before you start…. Download Gradients
Follow tutorial for bokeh effect
As usual I will start with a new document with the following size : 1000 pixels width and 1100 pixels height. This size is very good because the website will fit good on all monitor resolutions.
I will change the foreground color to #202020, and with Paint Bucket Tool I will fill the document.
I will change the foreground color to #191919, and then I will grab Rectangle Tool to create two shapes.

For both shapes I will add the same layer style

This is my result so far.

I will select Rounded Rectangle Tool, and I will create 3 shapes in the middle of the layout.

For all these shapes I will use the same layer styles

This is my result so far. In the middle of each shape I will place some image later in this tutorial

I will create another shapes under these ones, and I will rasterize them. As you can see I will choose darker color.
To rasterize la layer you need to right click on the layer inside your layer palette, and then choose Rasterize Shape from the menu.

The reason I have rasterized this shape is because I will delete the bottom part of the shape. In this way you will have a nice reflection for this layer. Here is the result. Click on the following image to see the reflection for all shapes.

I will create one more time another round shape with the following color: #191919.

For this shape I will use the following layer style.

Here is my result

I will create another shapes. Please click on the following image to see the real size layout.

For the smallest shapes I will add different layer styles. I have used different gradients, from this set of 27.000 Gradients.
I will not show you the settings for each style. be creative and choose any color you want. Here is my result

I will select Horizontal Type Tool, and I will write some text over this layout.

Now I will add some images in the middle of the layout.
I will use the same awesome digital bokeh effect I have used in this tutorial. If you want to see how it’s made I recommend you to follow that tutorial.

On the right side I will create a Green button. As you can see the button has a nice call to action, and it is very visible. If your product or software is good I am sure the ones who will download your
product will become customers.

For this button I will add the following layer styles.

This is how my button will look like.

I will create a text menu at the top, and between text buttons I will create some lines with Line Tool. Please create the two lines with different color. The first one is a light gray, and the second line is
a black.

This is my final result. I hope you like this software layout

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