Hi, im new too ^^

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I know this forum cos im a customer of Fussilet's 20rc smf theme and i need to get help about css in that theme. Turkish language sounds difficult, it looks pretty cool and reminds me of "sindarin" language in LOTR movies. Btw, This forum server's fast (at least faster than mine).

So, nice to meet you ^^

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Ynt: Hi, im new too ^^

Hi Brother,
Fussilet is doing his Military service for our country right now since it is mandotory. Hence, he has little time for a few months. He will be able to help you 10 days or 2 weeks later. If you can explain what the problem is, then he might do his best. Even me, I can try to help you. However, I am one of the busiest person in the world :) Please do not think I am trying to find an excuse. I am doing my Ph.D. , and working at two jobs at the same time. Hence, I quit writing themes, but I can do my best when I get a free time if Fussilet cannot answer this in suitable time. Hence, please explain your problem, and let us know what it is. Then, if I can solve it, I will help you when I am back in a few days. You may not know me much like Fussilet, but I do understand coding :)


Ynt: Hi, im new too ^^

Brother tostos is right. Maybe we can help you what you need. Write your css problem clearly here. Actullay I dont know smf theme css architectur.But it is not necessary to wait Fussilt to solve this prblem if it is simple and we can.
thanks bye.