Growing popularity of spas

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If you are a good analyst of wellness and healthcare market in India, you will be amazed by a recent trend – that the sprouting up of spas in every nook and corner of major cities. According to experts, there are more than 2000 spas in India and they mainly target the health-conscious generation residing in metros and the foreign tourists who come for a visit to the country.
The spa industry is still on a growing spree, say the experts. It is expected that about 1000 more spas will make their presence felt in the market by 2015. The fact that the spas have been an alien thing to the Indian healthcare industry till the early 1990s, will make you aware of the speed of the growth of this industry. Having a spa experience first became a fashion statement, grew popular among film stars, socialites and anybody who is somebody in the society and recently it has reached out to the middle class community.
Major cities in India witness social gatherings and parties beside spas. Five-star hotels, major health centres, beauty salons etc come up with the spa facility in order to attract more visitors. There also emerged many an ayurvedic spa resort , which provides traditional healthcare experience to the customers. Nowadays the spa industry has found a huge market in India and not only the hospitality and hotel giants, but influential individuals like businessmen and film stars too are ready to invest their money in setting up luxury spas in metros.