Fussilet theme problem in TP

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Link to my site: http://www.legioix.org/index.php
SMF version: 1.1.13
TP version: TinyPortal 1.0 RC1
Default Forum Language: English, of course
Theme name and version: Not sure, someone modded one of Fussilet's for me, years ago. Before I knew how to. Anyway, I like it, but it doesn't work (see below)
Browser Name and Version: Firefox. Not quite 4.
Mods installed:
1. TinyPortal 1.101 [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
2. Custom Profile Field Mod 3.19 [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
3. Ultimate Profile 0.9 [ Apply Mod ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ] Wish I could get this to install, but it doesn't have parsing instructions...
Related Error messages: Ahh, click on the link and see. It compresses the panel unless you hit the "-" buttons. IchBin said to look at how it modified the page, but it is a bit beyond me. I was hoping for something simpler. I LIKE the theme... I just need to know why it does this and how to stop it. I tried w/ firebug and it got me nowhere >:-o Figured I'd ask someone here. Perhaps between the site being down, someone might have an idea. Oh yes, the theme and site were originally under TP .98

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Ynt: Fussilet theme problem in TP

hello, welcome to fussilet.com can you send me index.template.php file


Ynt: Fussilet theme problem in TP

How do I do that? I do not see the attach button?