Funniest tweets of the #Blackout Bowl


Funniest tweets of the #Blackout Bowl

Pop singer Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show.

The wisecrackers of Twitter were in full voice during Sunday's Super Bowl
Many tweets poked fun at the 35-minute power outage that interrupted the game
Jokesters also took aim at Beyonce, the Harbaugh brothers and the commercials

(CNN) -- Between the bad commercials, Beyonce's halftime gig, the Harbaugh brothers and the action on the field, the jokesters of Twitter had plenty to snicker about during Sunday's Super Bowl.
But then the lights went out in the Superdome, and Twitter really heated up.
The year's most-watched sporting event, interrupted by a 35-minute delay in the third quarter, may forever be known as the #Blackout Bowl. The bizarre interlude seemed to energize the San Francisco 49ers and the Twitterverse, which until then had been complaining about the one-sided game.
Twitter said its volume of chatter spiked during the blackout, reaching 231,500 tweets per minute. In total, there were 24.1 million tweets posted about the game and its halftime show, said Twitter in a blog post. By the beginning of the second half, Twitter said its volume of tweets had already surpassed last year's total for the whole game.

Is it wrong that I'm not watching the Super Bowl but still eating like I'm watching? #SuperBowl47a€” Bad Joan (@badjoan) February 4, 2013

If aliens began watching us this year they probably think all our major national events honor Beyoncéa€” The Daily Edge (@TheDailyEdge) February 3, 2013

How many blackouts does each team get per game? Baltimore better use one soon... #superbowl47a€” DaynaTrisNYC (@DaynaTrisNYC) February 4, 2013

Somewhere at MIT there's a comp sci major from San Francisco laughing really hard right now. #SuperBowl47a€” Phillip Van (@phillipvan) February 4, 2013

All the lights are out!! It's pandemonium!! Thank god we have out Beyonce finger lights!€” Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) February 4, 2013

I suddenly wanted to be a farmer until I found out that commercial was about a truck. #superbowl47a€” Kyle Tallman (@ktallmanmusic) February 4, 2013

The lesson in all of this? Older brothers always win. #superbowl47a€” Moonis (@moonisahmed) February 4, 2013

We by no means saw all of them, but here are some of our favorites:
James Burnett a€-- The guy refereeing Puppy Bowl IX must be thinking, "I did not get into broadcasting to call 'poopy penalty!' with a straight face."
Savannah Guthrie -- Just 700 more calories til kickoff! aۻ#superbowl
Onion Sports Network -- Randy Moss placing hand on chest where he thinks human heart is located aۻ#SuperBowl
The Sklar Brothers -- No need to rush the Anthem, Alicia. aۻ#SB47 aۻ#sklarbowl
Jim Spellman a€a€ª-- Wait...these coaches are brothers? Someone shoulda done a story about that! a€ª#superbowl
Betch a€a€ª-- I am here for the butts, the biceps and Beyonce. a€ª#SuperBowl47
Joshua Topolsky -- So annoying the way this game keeps interrupting the commercials.
Rachel Sterbenz a€a€ª-- Well watching that GoDaddy commercial with my 95 year old grandpa was awkward...a€ª#superbowl47
Athena a€-- a€ª#nodaddy a€ª#superbowl I don't know what to do with that go daddy commercial. I think I need therapy.
Joel McHale -- Alright, now let's see which Harbaugh brother will finally win their father's respect and approval. #SuperBowl
FrostyFeast a€a€ª-- Nobody thinks the cookie is the best part. Nice try, Oreo, you're not gonna trick me into promoting your product on Twi--dammit. a€ª#superbowl
Doug and Polly White -- Our 6 yr old granddaughter just asked if the players in black were the raisins aۻ#superbowl47" lol!
Evan Banned a€a€ª-- The man in the stripey shirt said something and half the people were happy and the other half the people were not so much. a€ª#superbowl
Hayden Black a€a€ª-- Jared doesn't say a word in his new Subway ad because if they'd let him, he'd have said "help me." a€ª#Superbowl47
Ed Bott -- This is the best episode of The Wire, ever.
Team Coco a€a€ª-- The ultimate Super Bowl commercial would feature a woman in a bikini riding a talking horse while eating a Crunchy Beefrageous Cheeserrito
Greg Miller a€a€ª-- They just teleported the rest of Destiny's Child to the a€ª#SuperBowl from the alternate dimension Beyonce trapped them in.
Ali LeRoi -- It was nice to see aۻ#DestinyChildren in their new jobs as backup dancers aۻ#superbowl
Onion Sports Network a€a€ª-- JaMarcus Russell Terrier Shows Up To Puppy Bowl 30 Pounds Overweight a€ª#SuperBowl
Robert Hernandez a€a€ª-- Did Bane just take over the a€ª#SuperBowl or something?!
Men's Humor a€-- Is this the a€ª#Superbowl or a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?
Jillian Bell a€a€ª-- I turned the lights off in my house to feel like I'm at the game. a€ª#superbowl
Lance Ulanoff a€a€ª-- This is a publicity stunt for Star Trek: Into Darkness a€ª#SuperBowl a€ª#Blackout
Katie Mack a€a€ª-- So now Daniel Craig comes over in a helicopter and the Queen parachutes down to fix the lights... wait, no, wrong event.
Jason Shellen a€a€ª-- I assume the New Orleans police have the Animal Planet PuppyBowl team in custody. a€ª#lightsout a€ª#SuperBowl2013
Superdome Light Crew a€(parody account) -- What people don't talk about is how the lights were on for the entire first half.. #smh #SuperBowlFrank Caliendo a€a€ª-- Best marketing scam ever. 6 extra commercials so far. a€ª#LightsOut
Brett Foster a€a€ª-- Only need half the lights anyway as only half the teams are playing. a€ª#superbowl47
Nick Toplass a€a€ª-- In hindsight, maybe installing The Clapper was a bad idea.
Joe Randazzo a€a€ª-- Guys I'm AT the a€ª#SuperBowl and this power outage is no joke. Most of us have broken into small but loyal factions. I am now a doctor.
Will Ferrell a€a€ªa€a€ª(parody account) -- This time, it's the rich people trapped in the Superdome. a€ª#superbowl47"
Jason Dunn a€a€ª-- I may or may not have cried during that stupid Budweiser horse commercial. a€ª#superbowl47
Jon Sukarangsan a€a€ª-- Next time my girlfriend is winning an argument, I'll just throw the circuit breaker and give it 35 minutes a€ª#superbowl47
Cassie a€a€ª-- I've cried for the troops, farmers and horses. And I'm boycotting pistachios. a€ª#superbowl47
DaynaTrisNYC -- How many blackouts does each team get per game? Baltimore better use one soon... a€ª#superbowl47The Sklar Brothers a€-- I just want to tell Jim Harbaugh that there was a lot of holding that wasn't called in the Puppy Bowl either. #SB47 #sklarbowl
Harry Knowles -- EDGAR ALLAN POE has a Super Bowl Win! Yes! Jocks never belittle the poet in your school again!
CNN's Doug Gross also contributed to this story.

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