Fancy Star


"Nerede oLursanýz oLun, ALLah sizinLe beraberdir"
Although the sleep time was over, little boy was sitting on his bed enjoying the freedom of summer holiday which started three days ago. The leaves of the cherry tree shaken by a gentle breeze was knocking on the window and offering him the sweetest of its fruits in addition to what it has given him all day long.

Suddenly, he noticed a star through the leaves. The little boy had the habit of watching stars at night, shining even more brightly when there was no moonlight in the sky. But it was the first time he came across such a beautiful star.

He rose up in his bed and edged near the window. It looked as if the star was smiling at him. When the star blinked at him, he responded immediately. The little boy placed the cushion beneath him to be able to see the star clearly while lying in the bed and set out to watch the sky. He came to realize that his smiling friend wasn’t constant like the North Star and would disappear after sometime on account of the earth’s movements. First, he imagined he was an astronaut to travel to it.

Then, however he remembered his grandfather telling him that human life is too short to travel the distance between the world and stars. In this case, the only way out was to become an astronomer and observe that beloved star through a telescope. He would even write books on this subject matter and make people fly across the sky in imagination, although they were too lazy to look at the floor they walk on. The little boy played musket during the day, his favorite was the one so called “Kaflik”, the biggest and brightest among all the others.

In his sight, every musket was a star and his own star he watched every night was Kaflik. Next night, the boy was sitting by the window with an encyclopedia on his lap. In the days that followed, he was busy reading many magazines. His parents noticed the change in the boy who previously thought of nothing but playing and they were panicked to hear him wishing to become a scientist.

His mother who weighted as much as hundred kilos wanted him to become a doctor to find a magic formula of getting rid of excess kilos., whereas his father expected him to have a job that would make the whole family rich. But being aware of the boy’s weird behavior, he put pressure on him and made him tell his secret. While the little boy came near the window reluctantly, he prayed that his friend star would go away but it was there as usual. He extended his finger to it. His father had seen the glittering that let the boy to imaginary targets. He opened the window, leaned down and took the thing in his hands and gave it to his son. -Here is your star…he said. Don’t you ever waste your time with such nonsense a game? What the little boy saw in his father’s hand was a firefly which made his body shake and tremble.

All of a sudden, he lost all his hopes and dreams that had earlier gone beyond planets. Being pleased with what he did, his father picked up the magazines on the bed and placed them in a shelf in library. Then he scattered all the muskets and left the room. The muskets including the Kaflik were now totally colorless and appeared to have lost the light in them. The little boy took the Kaflik in his hand and threw it out of the window.

From then on, the cherry tree failed to offer his fruits despite all its efforts. Now, the sound of cheap toys was being heard from the room,. the curtains of which remained always closed.

by Cüneyd Suavi

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