Death is not final


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Question 1: What do the seasonal events show us?

Answer 1: Seasonal events of the nature manifest that, death is the beginning of a new life. In other words, it is an effort to relieve from distress. The roots, branches and seeds that loose their lives and rot away in autumn prepare themselves for the spring festival and gain a new life when the right time comes.

Likewise, though we shall fall on the ground and live there for a while, we shall have an ever-lasting spring to enjoy.

Question 2: Is it difficult to grasp the ever-lasting life before death?

Answer 2: Just as birth has brought us to this world, death will take us to the next world A seed, although rotting away in the soil, enters another life and branches out towards the sky. Similarly, the corpse of a body shall rot away after death but will revive in an eternal life with an immortal soul. The seed beneath the ground can not realize the tree and the sun above the ground. We, too, can not comprehend the eternal life before death by our limited faculties.

Question 3: What is death from viewpoint of mankind?

Answer 3: For a human, death is like a butter-fly in a silk cocoon. If a silk-worm is informed that it will get out of its cocoon which is as small as a grave and become a butterfly, and bestowed wings to fly, it is likely to have difficulty to accept all this as true. Likewise, a man is as helpless as a silk-worm to foresee its future existence in eternal life. But a voice coming from deep inside him keeps telling him that there really is a perpetual life.

Question 4: Is not it indispensable that we should be interrogated for our deeds, since life is of utmost importance?

Answer 4: It makes no sense at all that mankind will change into a handful of soil after death when even an atom of non-living particles do not disappear. Man cannot remain underground forever. He will be interrogated as to the blessings he has been bestowed, and will be sent either to Paradise or Hell for reward or punishment. Obviously, life reflects the colour of the hereafter. Life marks afterlife as well death does. Life in its pure, clean and valuable form has always been the reminiscent of the next world.


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