Culture and its affects



Culture is the one of the most popular style for human population. When the people moved out side their cultural places to the different one, they have some adaptation problem such as language, clothes, meals etc. Those are actually cultural formations. That’s why cultures constitute human civilizations. Even it appears different regional in the countries.
But the difference among the countries becomes very clear.
When we talk about the most popular problems out side our country at the first sight it’s meals which you cannot eat because of culture.
At the same times these differences produce excellent taste, clothes, buildings etc.
In this respect cultural activity affects us sometimes negative and sometimes positive.
However we always look for a country which has most popular cultural riches to take a holiday. We see that the places how affected by the people. Even that is being learnt us the historical change of the countries. The wonderful places on the earth had passed under more than one culture.

This text had been written as an answer on writing exam by isoz in 1999.

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