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When I entered the bakery, there seemed to be no bread around. The baker, an old friend of mine, said: - Teacher, hang on a few minutes! I’ll just take out some fresh ones. While I was sitting on a bench, waiting, I noticed an old man going in. There was a medal shining under the left collar of his worn jacket. He was slightly limping.

After saluting, he murmured: - Let me take my breads! My twins must be hungry now. The baker, taking the bag given to him by the old man, bent down the workbench and took from there four or five apparently stale breads and put them into the bag. Some of the breads were burnt and somehow lost their shapes. I went near the baker asking: - Why don’t you give him fresh breads? You said they would be ready soon.

Baker: - He always prefers stale breads. I charge him half the price for them because he is extremely poor. “Who is this man?” I asked. - “He is a Korean veteran” replied the baker. “When his son and daughter-in-law died in a traffic accident, he started to live with his twin grandsons He has been looking after them for years and he is doing it with a small salary.” The words of the baker made me feel bitter and I was tempted to make a small contribution. -Let me pay the difference so that he eats fresh bread today.

Baker accepted my offer and while putting the fresh hot breads in the bag of the old man with a great indifference, said to him: - You are very lucky Uncle Hajji. Today, I will give you breads like cakes for the sake of children. The old man, pressing the bag on his chest, said joyously: -God bless you my son. How did you know that today is their birthday?

by Cüneyd Suavi

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