Apple files for 'iWatch' trademark


Apple files for 'iWatch' trademark

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Any Apple watch would face competition, but most current smartwatches rely on smartphone pairing over Bluetooth to get data and notifications. Apple could take the same approach as these devices or put more computing power directly into a watch.

Apple's sixth-generation iPod nano was a small, square touchscreen (it has since been replaced by the rectangular seventh generation nano). Many fans immediately saw the potential to turn the iPod into a watch face, and companies such as Lunatik made kits that included mounts and slick straps.

The $150 Pebble waterproof watch has a black-and-white, e-paper screen, which can be customized with specially designed watch faces. It connects to iOS and Android smartphones over Bluetooth and vibrates to notify the wearer of incoming calls, e-mail, texts and other alerts. There are also downloadable music and sports apps. The Kickstarter darling recently started shipping to early customers.

The Italian-made aluminum I'm Watch is one of the pricier options at $399. It comes in seven colors and runs the Droid 2 operating system. It connects to Android smartphones using Bluetooth to get texts and e-mails, check social networks, make calls and see calendar events. I'm Watch has a full color touchscreen and access to specially designed apps.

Another full color touchscreen device, the $130 Sony SmartWatch, also only syncs with Android devices. When paired with a phone over Bluetooth, it can receive notifications for e-mail, texts, social networks and calendars.

The MetaWatch has a retro-looking, black-and-white screen, but it can connect to the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, in addition to Android devices. It's also a water resistant sports watch that tracks pace and distance. The watch starts at $179 and is available with various colored bands or in black or white leather.

The $269 Motoactv smart watch is marketed as a fitness tracker. It acts as a heart rate monitor and pedometer, has GPS and an MP3 player. There are also a number of nonwrist mount options, including a handlebar strap, arm band and chest strap.

Apple has filed for 'iWatch' trademark in Japan
Company is believed to be working on an iOS-run smart watch
Google, Samsung, Sony and others also appear in the market

(CNN) -- It's been a while since we've heard anything concrete on Apple's rumored "iWatch" device, but Bloomberg now reports that Apple has filed on June 3 to trademark that name in Japan.
This doesn't necessarily mean anything -- companies file for protective trademarks all the time -- but it's one more indication that Apple is dabbling in wearable computing.
iWatch rumors have been flying for most of the year, but we still don't have a clear idea of what the gadget might look like (or what it would do) if it ever comes to market.
One report said that the watch would run a version of iOS but suggested that battery life issues could be holding it back. The watch might also include a pedometer and other sensors to help it compete with fitness gadgets like Nike's FuelBand and the Fitbit.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said that "amazing new hardware" would be coming out this fall and throughout 2014, but whether he meant new product categories like an iWatch or simply refreshes of Apple's existing products (like the new Mac Pro) is anyone's guess.
Either way, there's no need to worry if the iWatch doesn't pan out -- you can always rely on the Pebble watch or the rumored devices from Samsung, Google, or Microsoft to cover your unsightly naked wrists.


Source: Apple files for 'iWatch' trademark

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