10 things we know about Abdülhamid wrong

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The past 10 days in February Sultan II. Abdülhamid'in 91st death anniversary. Something positive to say about the years I lived like courage, but was now not fit to sack spears. The thrust of the spear of truth Bags amazes us all.

What are they? Number 10 of them too much, but I have to choose one. Let's work together to take you?

1. Red Sultan was: 'This claim, by French writer Albert put a Vandal was named. Roll of reason, is out of Abdülhamid'in suppress the Armenian rebellion. France to England and Europe in particular is a sovereign public bloodshed as propaganda Abdülhamid'in started. That "Red", ie the fact that blood was spilled in the Sultan moniker neck. Come on, say, the Armenians knew that good, even to death, but Not with a spooky Abdülhamid'e why the Young Turks "Red Sultan" said? Armenians who will be Tehcir yüzbinlerce 1915, 25 years ago Army soldier with the Armenian propaganda sakınca were seen.

2. Mesrutiyet was the enemy: one-third of the 93 Harbi'nde Ottoman lands were lost. Soil loss in the face of this scale council members belong to different nationalities in the panic-stricken, every one of their nations had fallen to the soil, recovery discomposure. Will be established in the hope of unifying the council, a council on the contrary had been divisive. There were two options: either to stay the audience to pieces, but not to compromise the legitimacy or the legitimacy of the country to suspend parts but to save. Abdülhamid chose the second, in the same situation do not permit other states did not already reflex.

3. Ignorant people left: Known in contrast to the Ottoman history moves in the most vibrant education, Abdülhamid period of occurrence. Sevan Nişanyan'ın calculated according to Turkey, to the level of a school can be compared to Abdülhamid period again, but in 1950 could reach. For example, in the region amounted to 1895 thousand Turkish border near the (835) middle and high schools has dropped 95 this number 1923 are available. Number of students in 1895'teki hundred thousand (97,837), roughly the same level in the 1950-51 season to watch (90,356). Compared with the period before the education boom Abdülhamid we become more visible. The number 250 in the late rüşdiye Wood 1909 900, 6 were 109'a the number of İdadi. When there are only 200 primary schools in İstanbul 1877'de modern 9 thousand in 1905 had. Average each year, 400 elementary school was opened, which, even in the Republican era bir record is broken.

4. Sailing was the enemy: Abdulaziz during the 3rd World great sea power, but the navy had to pay only annual paint was even beyond the budget of the Ministry of Shipping! Abdülhamid "liver" was accepted. But Ataturk, the liver was also Ýnönü. So that, even if surrounded by seas around Turkey's such a great naval power of the existing economic infrastructure was not able to feed. To receive and ship out again to be dependent on the preference given Abdülhamid used side road and railway. The young Turks, Atatürk also did not give priority Ýnönü de demiryoluna?

5. Arbitrary censorship was applied: Censorship by the course will be no defense. However, the fight against the PKK in the period of heavy censorship of the press how it works in gold did not forget. There was censorship, yes. But at the same time be entered on the political issues of our literature, the emergence of magnificent works better as a consequence is not given? Applied in the period and still Takrir-i "censorship of hangman" d never ever Abdülhamid'inki can not be compared.

6. Detective agency was harmful: Hafiye organization claims that the society does not wind, otherwise you need to tell people what should be done. Meydanı British, Russian, French agents had to leave you with? Without detection, agent-free, spyware-free state, will you? Let's not forget that France's ambassador in Istanbul, Abdülhamid'in board in the past on the streets of the French king of the poster is sold by the old porter was Armenian. Government in London, Paris and St. Petersburg are managed from the "sick man" of the discussion who were killed in arms. Abdülhamid, the reins of power to actually had to install the spy organization. There have been close, but of course we know the abuse that the Sultan has read her diary, but not necessarily the author of man by nature was subject to review.

7. Was despotic 'İstibdad' word to 'despotism' that is the wrong turn. Especially not totalitarizm. Moreover that the Islamic political thought "istibdâd" way of the legitimate government. For example, Ibn Haldun 'one-man management istibdâd'ı, the autocracy of the way in terms of uses and legitimate government agrees. Moreover that the death penalty in front of someone who continually forgive what direction is using the powers istibdâdın have seen are all right.

8. March 31 was organized to: a small contribution in the March 31 uprising that emerged as the final state is still the influence of propaganda in the centuries-old young. Research committee chairman Yusuf Kemal rebellion [Tengirşenk], March 31 against the young foreigners Abdülhamid'in not work with a spy network of the enterprises that had written mürteci. Rıza Tevfik in court, you have said is: When I was preparing the revolution trumped March 31 in vain to Talat Bey murder is a big brother told you to shed blood. I received the following reply was: "What do we need money for the association, it can meet only Yıldız Palace's treasure."

9. Hamidiye Regiment was unnecessary: Hamidiye Regiment had the following injuries: 1 Military law enforcement does not make the deficit is resolved by the Kurds. 2. Deterrent against the Russian invasion happened. 3. Kurds and prevent the use of force outside of Konar was Göçer. 4. Accelerated into the tribal life of the settlers. 5. Children were educated in Istanbul at the tribal Osmanlılık Mektepleri have acquired consciousness. 6. Passed in front of tribal fighting. 7. Reconstruction of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, this will calm the right to work ...

10. Was a coward: Namık Kemal's son, Ali Ekrem Bey says, "you think you are a coward who Abdülhamid'in are wrong. Let alone be a coward, on the contrary was brave. "Dolmabahçe Palace during the earthquake was a bayramlaş and 1.5 ton chandelier hanging in the ceiling had fallen on the ground. His hair still is not the only one who roughhouse in the halls, Abdülhamid'di. Similarly, even as well as the fortitude to pat the bomb not lose early, after lunch with ambassadors aksa even mutad conversations. The daughter Ayşe Sultan good summary of the character to say: "In my heart there is fear of Allah alone. To prevent it happening before in a helter-skelter ederim. But you feel it in danger even discarded il not afraid to fire in case of emergency. "

A voice from inside, "Wolf and Dance", says I need to write the resume.

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