10 African startups to know


10 African startups to know

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Michelle Atagana has selected 10 exciting African tech startups:
"BrainShare is a social-education app that aims to connect people across Uganda, and the world, through education.
"It is an online classroom that helps people study while networking, and combines real-time collaboration, note sharing and tutoring across a number of platforms."

"Ecommerce is booming in Africa and Kivuko is one of the companies helping that boom.
"The startup describes itself as 'an online shopping gateway, enabling vendors to sell and deliver products directly to customers.' These guys understand the African market and accept a variety of payment methods."

"One of the best-designed deal sites out there, Dealdey claims to have 350,000 subscribers and to be one of the top-grossing ecommerce sites in Nigeria. A Groupon clone, yes, but one that seems to be thriving quite well in a young ecommerce market."

"Paperight is a South African print-on-demand publishing startup that aims to increase access to books and encourage entrepreneurship by enabling copy shops and other organizations to become legal print-on-demand bookstores.
"The company was named one of the winners of the O'Reilly Tools of Change Startup Showcase, and won the London Book Fair's prestigious innovation award."

"One of five startups to emerge as winners at this year's Global Forum, Mpayer is a mobile and web solution that lets businesses accept and track any form of payment, be it mobile money or cash.
"What's really cool about this platform is it also allows business to back up the transaction and to analyze customers and engage with them intelligently."

"Wish your university had a social network that doubles as a notice board and online classroom? Meet Cameroon's Pulse.
"The platform connects students and teachers, and Pulse offers $50 Android-based tablets for use at free university Wi-Fi hotspots. Notes, assignments and notices all at your fingertips. "

"GoMetro wants to make commuting on public transport in South Africa better by providing real-time train schedules, associated platform changes, a trip planner, fare calculator and route maps.
"The startup is operational in major parts of South Africa, and claims to have more than 600,000 users. It recently partnered with Nigeria's iROKO Partners to provide commuters with entertainment."

"MoDe (Mobile-Decisioning) is a mobile nano-credit startup based in Kenya. The company uses proprietary technology to enable qualifying prepaid mobile subscribers to access airtime on credit.
"Repayments are recovered by MoDe on behalf of the mobile operators from the subscriber's next top-up. MoDe also won IBM's inaugural SmartCamp in Africa in 2012."

"The Jobberman recruitment site is one of the most popular job sites in Nigeria. According to the company, it bridges the gap between opportunity and talent by creating an 'efficient marketplace where job seekers and employers can interact quickly and easily.' Listings are taken from companies directly, and users can apply straight from the site."

"mPawa is a mobile job-matching application developed for Africa's blue-collar recruitment sector. The service is quite simple -- create a profile, and potential employers can peruse.
"Users can access the contents on the site via desktop, mobile or text message."

"There are some pretty amazing tech startups in Africa," says Michelle Atagana
Atagana picks 10 companies that are innovative and interesting
Choices include an education app, job-finding sites and print-on-demand startup

Editor's note: Michelle Atagana is the managing editor of memeburn.com, a social media and technology news site. She has a Masters Degree in New Media and Journalism, her thesis focuses on social media technologies in the South African journalistic space.
(CNN) -- It's pretty simple -- if you have a great company in you, Africa is a great place to go unleash it.
There is an excitement for newness here, and let's face it, most things are still new. Access is becoming easier, mobile is booming and a tech explosion is happening.

There are some pretty amazing tech startups in Africa that are building amazing products that can compete on the international stage. I get to see a lot of interesting companies and I am always impressed by how innovative and interesting Africa's tech startups are. This list is made of some of the most interesting companies I have come across in the last two years.
It's hard to pick the top companies, so this list consists of companies that have done impressive work and are innovating in interesting ways.
So check out the gallery above to see, in no particular order, Africa's bright tech future and the companies leading it.
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Michelle Atagana.

Source: 10 African startups to know

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