1.Why do you think dinosaurs went extinct?



1. Why do you think dinosaurs went extinct?
We believe that millions of years ago dinosaurs which had lived on the earth had huge body.
That’s why they were eating most of things on the earth. At the other hand lot’s living creatures were sharing the foods with them. Most scientists believe that all form of life have developed by evaluation. In my view; under the circumstances dinosaurs were changes in an evolutionary process because of the source of the food were run out. But some books that I read says about last generation of the dinosaurs were under attack of the earth age such volcano, earthquake etc. Of course that is also reasonable fact. There is no existence of human being at this age of the dinosaurs. If human being had been lived may be they would work together to destroy to incredible creatures. But the important thing is here to know them better and approach them so nice when they are existing things nowadays. Because even now lot’s of creators have been lost.

This text had been written as an answer on writing exam by isoz in 1999.

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