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Give a Hand is a lie And bad faith actions

Başlatan [email protected] Bin Cebel, Nisan 30, 2009, 08:13:36 ÖÖ

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People lie to what you do? "Or" a human lie How can I tell? "Questions this seminar during the most frequently asked question was one of. This is why this issue a title under and related to the research, this research obtained from the information and most importantly validity of this information, a special degree in the appropriate concentration found. Social life in many cases, people with their true feelings to hide, but in any way he will give up. person within a community nervous, tense, and may even fear, but the face is attached to a smile with a happy mask to carry is possible. a careful eye can detect some small tips internal and external world of difference between an understanding of this helps. People lie when they say the most successful way to check, are the facial expressions, people most aware of mimik that when you lie the most and the best face controls . Because people will lie face mimik time to check a conscious effort to spend. No doubt a very careful observer, or for professionals who lie with one mimik many tips are given. But the general was considered as a contrast, a person lying on the face or eyes looking to understand very is not easy.

Types of Lies

People tell each other lies in the four groups can be assessed. The first group of people have told a lie, it is known by the common-but lies are not opposed. He made dinner recommendations pleased the kalmayan lady, the invitation made to the person who "got or" to another question I have a say. You are saying against said lie understand know. But the two sides to the situation in this way detection is appropriate. Invitation, the person, issue an excuse in the direction of develop and cities in the life of everyone's program inevitably heavily loaded that tells. this way, the co-lies of people everyday in life has an important place. The second group in the lies, the truth be exposed for not unopposed for a lie. An example of his wife he abandoned one of the cocktail party at the Happy This is an image display. these people to end relationships because it is so happy and listening means that this is not true that they know. But it can not go against anyone. This person will be monitored throughout the night If you say they call the inner world to the conflict to put the open can be a lot. However, this lies in the middle of the emergence one benefit will not, no one topic on the go. The third group of professional liars to say. lies will be found. where the "professional liar" definition "of the profession should have to lie, the" terms of use. diplomats, politicians, lawyers, advertisers, public relations companies representatives, the fortune teller , wizard, old equipment vendors (and antique) for a lie is a life form. These people, it matters to people in regard to just what they like to go to say that many people ustadırlar.Bu lying skills develop so turn shine that people hear this lie dying to do, and encourages it to be happy. This group lies in the markers gösterirler.Dördüncü much less in the group, the job is to lie to tell of ordinary people and they benefit from their small or large revenue lies. They noticed that when you "lie" so called lies are common. earlier in the book provide an important reality that is here one more time Let's remember: "People in the mouth may lie, but never a body." Therefore say to the honest one, with the promise of behavior is not correct, some hints about her betrayal is inevitable.


Lie Operators

While lying in people's behavior in a large number of observed differences was the subject of research. The results of this research can be summarized as follows:

1 - by the hands of people who lied their gestures is reduced. Normally, in order to strengthen the hand gestures are expressed. People often spoken words meaning large to increase the movements of the hand is not aware. People know when you're talking to shake hands, but what actually do not know. Hands to do something to know, but you do not know exactly what the person in doubt and therefore reduces hand movements is decreased. Maybe because of people living in the hands of the conflict itself will handle and pull the hand or into your pocket, or sit on a hand or other notice. Self-contact in this difficult time holding his hand instead of through the mother, internal tensions will also ease.


2 - He lied to the person who took her hand and face to face environment is worth the number is increasing. During a speech to the human hand takes occasional swim. However, during an interview that a person's sincere gesture can be seen an increase in the number of very large extent. Elin is going to face in order to keep the mouth movements, lip to suppress, to cover the mouth, nose to touch, rub the cheek, a scratch under the eyes, ears and breasts out to play with your hair. During a lie all this increase in the number of gestures to cover mouth and nose, but there is merit to the explosion is almost in jest. Why closes the mouth when people lie? It is not hard to guess. People take words and make out of your mouth that is the need to cover. Various forms of hands cover mouth is. Fingers can play a snare drum on the lips, finger on the upper lip may stop or stand next to the hands of the mouth. Children lie to their mouth with your hand turn it off. No doubt the adult hand to go to the mouth, lying about a person's movement is not the only determinant. People hesitate to say is within, afraid to make mistakes, you want to save time you can be in the hands around the mouth. For this reason, one's nose to go to, than to cover the mouth of advanced, thin, and the abstract is a movement. Came to cover his mouth, just above the nose and thus extends to a more symbolic and stylized movement is done. Lying on the mouth, or is not sincere enough in the hands of a human nose to go to the most important reason is physiological. Because when you lie in an internal tensions, many physiological changes the body is living. Increase blood pressure, heart to increase the number of pulses, such as the increase in sweat gland activity recorded while lying, as well as physiological changes in the feeling of itching in the nose. The lie of the famous fairy tale Pinocchio Coldoni growth of his nose is not groundless. An extremely important and the author caught exaggerating the truth in literature has a child.


3 - You lie when you're talking to a body insamn is an increase in movement. Said that when the sensory disturbance and unrest lie, especially to changes in the status of the person sitting, sitting in the front seat to move back to the left or right position to lead change. This position changes with the increase in a large probability that I had in other places, "the feeling of lies. Sit in open session on TV growing body movements, panel or chat type programs are often seen. Especially the "Red Seat" program is a lot of guests leave their power on the question of the movement forced the borders of the seat and seat are made on a mini trip.


4 - lie low a person's hand gestures, while wave action increases. Maybe so in the way people, lightweight, lightweight silk waved his hand, it is not about the responsibility to tell its own wants.


5 - the big lie that a person's facial expression is often very close to normal. Experts in this field, looking at a person's lying mimik is very difficult to understand. The most important facial expressions give away the clue lies in a person's eyes is often missing from the talk.


This research information obtained from the absolute right, not as geçerIiliği track to be repeated and the order of all things connected to it in-person evaluation of the context is a key means of winning must be considered. The presence of the features listed above are not the person is lying, the lie is the probability. To test this research with studies of other researchers, listed above, or bad faith behavior appears to lie kulIanılacak is not the key itself, but to say that it is a part. For example, during a speech to a sudden encounter with a crime if, to wobble, we face many times in our hands to take a seat in the place it is possible to do action reflects our uneasiness. In this case, over the allegations, the defense is threaded to accept the real need? Similarly, a person is called to interview for the job, asked him questions when it snowed in hand and sit down many times can lead to facial markers may indicate where unrest. All of them, will give the candidate how the information will be evaluated and not even to make mistakes or concerns muhtemeldir.Sıralanan from kaynaklanmaSi reasons, because these markers lie in the obvious evidence, not as the brain in our thoughts and feelings with the truth, reflected in the outside world of the expressions of a conflict as a place to be. This contradiction can be true as a lie, bad faith, doubt or uncertainty can be.