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Mutlak hükümranlýk elinde olan Allah, yüceler yücesidir ve O'nun her þeye gücü yeter. (Mulk -1)


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            Vacation! That is not a nice word. It means being aimless and idle as well as calling off a work in Arabic.

            Assume your heart decided to take a vacation. What do you think it would be?

It is obvious: you die! There has been a magnificent operation going on inside you day and night non-stop without you knowing it. You sleep but your respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system all work like clockwork. In fact, those systems work free from human conscious itself. They all work better and nicer without any intervention of conscious.

            What if the earth decides to take a vacation? That literally would be the end of the world, right?  Look, there is nothing layabout in this universe. Because, each one of them has its own place, duty and role.

            How about the human, the apple of universe’s eye? Should not the human race have any work, place or role?

May well be, Wahy/inspiration also doesn’t like this bloody word. This word isn’t used in the Quran. The Quran also reconstructs our description of “vacation”, and what a construction! It is decreed in a verse which addresses directly to Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) that ;

“Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention” (Surat Al- Inshirah:7-8). Thus, there is no vacation, but alteration. Alteration means change. Alteration, i.e.  switching the field.

            Of course human gets tired and rest. He certainly looks for a serene place far from urban hullabaloo. However, what does he do when he finds that place? Sure he fixes and maintains his decayed and exhausted heart that perceives and his inwardness which had been neglected along the whole past year.


            There, the summer is here. It has been just starting the works to be done especially for the school children. Because their fresh minds, clean intellects and sparrow-like hearts are being crushed, messed up and raped in between the rocks of the national grinder (albeit it’s called education).

            And I’m afraid; the situation of parents goes like in this lyric;

“Feed and raise like a tumbleweed, there the rosebud gives herself to strangers”

No, those rosebuds should not give themselves to strangers. Mothers and fathers should not introduce their children who they fed and raised to the fake gods and sacrifice them in modern ages’ altars. There is only one authority worthy of being sacrifice, the divine authority. Then only then children can learn not to be slave to a slave. Yet then, they can find the strength not to agree with the ones who estimate a price for them. When they do it, Allah the Almighty appraises them, so that they have personalities. They have self-understanding, self-respect and peace of mind. Well then we can have a brighter future on the hand of this kind of generation.

            So how could it be possible?

            By Wahy/ Inspiration, i.e. introducing Quran to them. They are already a Wahy / Inspiration with two legs. Bringing them together with Wahy / Inspiration means bringing an ayah / verse with another ayah / verse.

            Along with an education term, the most innocent parts of our children are being raped at the schools which are supposed to be built for the purpose of teaching. They are exposed to information pollution. Moreover, they are deprived of the tools that fix their inwardness. It’s not a secret which mindset shaped the education system in this country. That specific mentality is calling our children to worship a nonreligious belief system even before they reach the age of puberty. It doesn’t only call but impose it officially. Stick around a gate of a high school on a dismissal time for Allah’s sake. And see how those tiny boys and girls’ states being locked in a close embrace which don’t match with any kind of moral standards but force the limits of the virtue. You won’t be able to leave there without tears on your eyes and sorrow in your heart, if the child in you is still alive.

            What do you do as a pious person for this? There is a lot to do within your capability. Don’t you have a roof on your head? Don’t you want it to be a branch of the heaven on the earth? Then make it a school of the Quran. Let the member of this household be the students of this school. Let your house be Darul Arqam and  Darul Islam.

            You will strive and Allah will protect your next generations.


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