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Michael Kors Wallet outlet

Başlatan pisbags, Ağustos 17, 2012, 01:54:36 ÖS

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Originaly I was dissatisfied with the product i recieved, but with awesome customer service of the company I am vary pleased. They were quick to respond to a review I posted and eager to help me with the problem I was having. I was not expecting to hear anything about the review I wrote about the product, but to my surprise a couple days later I had an email from the company saying they read the problem i had with their product and would love to assist me with it. I have never had a http://www.michaelkorssoutletstore.com respond so quickly or at all to a problem i have had with their products. This is great!!! I definatly would use this company again and suggest to my friends to use this company. They are not only great at customer service, but they stand behind their products. I really cant say that about many companies any more. My daughter is delighted that her new purse will be here soon.I got tired of sharing a diaper bag with my toddler, or even more frustrating, carrying a diaper bag and purse together. She doesn't need a lot of accessories michael kors bags outlet, just enough that I can't stick them in my regular purses. I found this purse and thought what a great size it was for what I needed. I was right! It's just what I wanted. It's very stylish and fun. It has a nice texture on the faux leather. There are snaps that allow the purse to be easily reshaped into two different styles. I don't find I use the zipper closure much; the snap closure is enough for me. I should mention the zipper does not seal the bag. There's still open space where you can stick something in on one side or the other. and the snaps hold up fine so I need it.These bag's style and pattern are nice, that's why I bought it, but the quality of the materials is extremely poor. I should have known from the lack of description by the seller. The "faux leather" is more like plastic or vinyl and it has a texture to it that is suppose to make it look like animal fur. Since the shell's material is plastic"ish" and slick, the bag would be good if you have small children that unexplainably leave a mess everywhere. The "floor" of the purse is unsturdy and will not support much weight. I used my hand to test the sturdiness of the "floor" (I'm assuming thin cardboard) and Michael Kors Satchel bent easliy. The bag overall is flimsy and items would be hard to get to because of the flimsiness and the liner is not well fitted to the the shell and it is only connected around the neck of the purse. I do get to shop very often and thought I found a great deal, as I had read so many great 5 star reviews. Upon receiving this purse I was completely dissapointed. Im not sure if I'm going to ruturn it yet, I havent decided if the bag is worth the hassel of returning since I bought it using a gift card I had won. Quality always supersedes beauty.