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Custom theme request

Başlatan Tashiiee, Aralık 09, 2009, 05:14:39 ÖÖ

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Hi names tash, i didnt know where to post as every topic is in a language i can not read but if its not to much trouble to ask, can you make me a custom SMF forum style for my gaming group www.lions-gaming.com

I had your other thme called !Kani but members of Dominace-Gaming had a cry because they use that them and they claim it as there own, ZeeBOB claims he made it, he removed you tag down the bottom, i did find a similer style called fadetowhite by a guy named crip but i done like it, can you plase make 1 for me. E-Mail me with your reply.

Thank-you for your time =)

From Tasha.


hello Tashiiee , thanks for contacting me

email sent...

içimdeki tüm putlarý kýrdým ve sana yöneldim Rabbim...
Bu geliþimi kabul et, beni benden al, beni sana baðýþla...
Bugün gam tekkegahýnda feda bir canýmýz vardýr
Gönül abdal-ý aþk olmuþ gelin kurbanýmýz vardýr
Çimende bülbülü gördüm yaman efgan ile söyler
Dili kahhar ile her dem gül-i handanýmýz vardýr

Urfalý Abdi

Oruç nedir?, Orucu Bozan Haller ,  Ramazan Orucu...


I am quite tight for money atm, if we can work something out, just let me know, if there are no suggestions ill work something out.



Hi Tasha,
Where are you from? I understood your text but it was probobly translated by a program.
Well, if you want to ask a questions except  theme :) I'll answer you gladly
Have nice day


Im from australia, im just not a very good speller and have poor grammer. i was looking for a good them for my forums


Hi Fussilet, I am currently using sunshine theme with www.ozfarmer.com/forum and I am wondering if you could quote for a redesign to reflect a farming theme? I love your work!



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