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Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that involves resizing and possibly reshaping the breast so it is smaller than its natural size.  While this surgery may be performed for cosmetic reasons, it may also be medically necessary for women who are experiencing problems due to the size of their breasts.  For example, large breasts may cause back problems or otherwise cause physical pain or other difficulties for the patient.  For those that are not experiencing pain from their large breasts, breast reduction surgery may still be desirable in order to boost the patient's self-esteem, to make exercise easier or to simply help the patient achieve a more balanced appearance.
Understanding Breast reduction surgery

In order to perform breast reduction surgery, the surgeon must first make an incision in the breast and then remove excess fat, tissue and skin.  In most cases, the surgeon will make a circular incision around the areola as well as a vertical incision running from the areola down the breast.  Once the incision reaches the naturally curved crease below the breast, the surgeon will then continue to make the incision along the crease.

After removing the excess tissues and skin, the surgeon will replace the nipple and any remaining tissue to a higher location in order to create a natural-looking and shapely breast.  The surgeon will also pull skin up from both sides of the breast and stitch it around the areola in order to provide the breast with an even contour.

In most cases, breast reduction surgery takes about two to three hours to complete.  While some patients are able to go home on the same day of the surgery, some remain in the hospital or surgical center for one to two days following the procedure.  During this time, the breasts will remained bandaged as they heal.  After the bandages are removed, the patient needs to wear a surgical bra for the next one to two weeks until the bruising and swelling subsides.  Although bruising usually subsides within two to three weeks, scarring may remain for several months or even years.
Risks Associated with Breast Reduction Surgery

Certain risk and potential side effects are possible when undergoing any type of surgery.  Some of these include:

    * Bleeding
    * Bruising
    * Infection
    * Negative reaction to anesthesia

Some risks and possible side effects associated specifically with breast reduction surgery include:

    * Altered nipple sensation - involves the nipples becoming either more or less sensitive following surgery.

    * Asymmetry of the breasts - occurs when the surgeon fails to make the breasts the same size or shape.

    * Haematoma - a collection of blood beneath the breast that can be painful and cause swelling.  An additional surgery is necessary to remove the haematoma and to stop the bleeding.

    * Nipple necrosis - a loss of sensation in the nipples due to damage to the nerves and vessels in the areola and nipple.

    * Problems with breastfeeding - although modern medical technology makes it possible to perform a breast reduction while still making it possible for the woman to breastfeed afterward, patients should discuss this with their surgeon in order to make certain breastfeeding will still be possible after the surgery is complete.

Breast reduction surgery is beneficial to women who are experiencing bad posture, skin problems, infections, or body aches due to the large size of their breasts.  Nonetheless, it is important to understand the risks associated with the surgery in order to be certain it is the right choice for you.