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Breast Asymmetry and Breast Deformity Surgery

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Breast Asymmetry and Breast Deformity Surgery

Breast asymmetry surgery and breast deformity surgery are cosmetic procedures that are used to reshape or resize breasts that do not match.  Although it is normal for women to have breasts of slightly different sizes and shapes, more extreme cases may warrant undergoing surgery in order to make the breasts more symmetrical.  This may  involve changing the size or shape of one or both breasts or possibly changing the location of one or both nipples.
Understanding the Procedure of breast asymmetry surgery

The procedure followed for breast deformity surgery depends upon the how and why the breasts are different.  For example, the surgeon may only need to increase or decrease the size of one breast in order to make them a better match.  On the other hand, it may be necessary to change the size as well as the shape of one or both breasts. In this case, the procedure will be far more extensive.

Although breast deformity surgery is effective in approximately 90% of cases, it is an invasive procedure that should only be used in more extreme cases.  Therefore, most surgeons will not recommend the procedure unless the difference in breast size is at least one full cup size.  In addition, breast deformity surgery generally is not recommended for women under the age of 18.  For those who are below the age of 18, it is best to postpone surgery until at least three years after menstruation starts.

Breast deformity surgery may also be used to correct tuberous breast deformities, which is a condition that causes the breasts to appear like tubes with a narrow base. With breast deformity surgery, the breasts can be reshaped and rounded in order to create a fuller appearance.  This corrective procedure generally takes two to three hours to complete and involves making an incision around the nipple in order to minimize the appearance of scarring.  Internal incisions must also be made when correcting tuberous breast deformities, as the tight breast tissue needs to be reduced in order to allow implants to be inserted.

After the procedure is completed, it may take up to six weeks to fully recover and regain normal strength.  In addition, the scars resulting from the surgery may take up to seven months to heal.

Risks Associated with Breast Deformity Surgery

As is the case with any surgery, there are a number of potential risks associated with breast deformity surgery.  Some of these include:

    * Bruising
    * Excessive bleeding
    * Haematoma
    * Infection
    * Negative reaction to anaesthesia
    * Swelling

Some of the risks that are specifically associated with breast deformity surgery include:

    * Development of internal scar tissue
    * Feeling unhappy with the results
    * Loss of sensation in the nipples
    * Rupturing of the implants
    * Shifting of the implants
    * Visible rippling of the implant

It may also be necessary to go through multiple surgeries in order to achieve the results you desire.  It is important to note that, while there has been a great deal of speculation connecting breast implants to cancer, there is no evidence that implants lead to this deadly disease.