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Body lift surgery

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Body lift surgery

Body lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove the excess skin that remains after a person has lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.  The procedure has become more common as gastric bypass surgery grows in popularity, as those who undergo the surgery are more prone to having skin that is stretched out and unable to return to its normal size.  Body lift surgery is different from a tummy tuck or a buttock lift, however, as it involves removing excess skin from all parts of the body where the lift is necessary.  This may include the stomach, the thighs, the arms, the breast and even the back.
Understanding the Procedure of Body Lift Surgery

Body lift surgery can take anywhere from three to seven hours to complete, with the total amount of time required depending upon the mount of skin that needs to be removed.  In order to conduct the surgery, the surgeon must first remove the extra skin by making incisions in various places on the body.  The surgeon must carefully select where to make the incisions in order to minimize the appearance of scars or to ensure they are located in an area that will be well-hidden by clothing. Although the scars will never disappear completely, they are generally much flatter and lighter within 18 months after the surgery is complete.

After the body lift surgery is complete, most patients must remain in the hospital for two to four days afterward.  In addition, they must limit their activities for up to six weeks.  During this time, you may need to wear special medical compression garments, which will provide additional support and will assist with the healing process.
Risks Associated with Body Lift Surgery

Before going through with body lift surgery, it is important to fully understand the potential risks involved with the procedure.  Some of these include:

    * Blood Clots
    * Bruising
    * Development of a Haemotoma, which is a collection of blood or fluids beneath the skin
    * Hostile Reaction to Anesthesia
    * Infection
    * Nerve Damage
    * Slow Healing of Wounds
    * Swelling

It is also possible to experience small skin separations after the surgery, which requires additional surgery in order to correct.  Another risk associated with body lift surgery is the development of seroma, which occurs when fluid begins building up beneath the skin's surface.