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Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Fordyce's Condition

Başlatan KARANFÝL, Nisan 30, 2009, 02:50:54 ÖÖ

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I. Definition:
Sebaceous hyperplasia is a skin condition in which a person develops small, yellowish growths, usually on the face. A variant of this condition, known as Fordyce’s condition causes tiny yellow dots in groups and sometimes in sheets on the lips, inside the mouth, and sometimes on the genital skin. In both conditions, the small, yellow spots represent an overgrowth of sebaceous glands. Neither sebaceous hyperplasia or Fordyce’s condition is dangerous.

II. Causes:

The cause is unknown.
These problems tend to run in families.
Neither sebaceous hyperplasia or Fordyce’s condition is contagious.

III. Treatment:

No treatment is necessary.
Tretinoin cream or gel used daily will reverse sebaceous hyperplasia slowly overtime and will also help keep the condition from worsening.
If the lesions are becoming unsightly and you really feel something needs to be done, a powerful, expensive drug named Accutane will reverse sebaceous hyperplasia, but you will develop new lesions after you stop the medication unless you also use tretinoin cream regularly.
TCA chemical peels will also reverse sebaceous hyperplasia, but new lesions will occur slowly after treatment.
Fordyce’s condition is usually left untreated.